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Saturday, June 09, 2012

Emma Games

I have two games for your playing pleasure.  An unscramble game and a quotes game.  Each word correctly unscrambled will bring you two points.  The highest number of points possible is twenty.  For the quotes game, each correctly guessed quote will be worth five points.  The highest possible points is fifty.  Put your answers up in the comments.  I will post the answers and results on the 15th.

Unscramble Game
  • Mame Dwoooshue
  • Tarhdilef
  • Ylenkghti
  • Sism Tbaes
  • Darnllas
  • Rbuyghhi
  • Mssi Yalrot
  • Hte Deisaes
  • Tloen
  • Xbo Lilh
Quotes Game

  • "Yes—a good deal nearer."
  • "That sweet, amiable Jane Fairfax!"
  • "A bad thing! Do you really think it a bad thing?—why so?"
  • "Where shall we see a better daughter, or a kinder sister, or a truer friend?"
  • "You will get nothing to the purpose from Miss Bates.  She will be all delight and gratitude, but she will tell you nothing. She will not even listen to your questions. I see no advantage in consulting Miss Bates."
  • "He called her 'Augusta.' How delightful!"
  • "We are a very quiet set of people, I believe; more disposed to stay at home than engage in schemes of pleasure."
  • "You are so noble in your ideas!"
  • "I mentioned no names, you will observe.—Oh! no; cautious as a minister of state. I managed it extremely well."
  • "I cannot separate Miss Fairfax and her complexion."

Have fun!

Yours truly,

1 comment:

Miss Woodhouse said...

All your guesses were correct. Your score is 16 points. Feel free to play again!

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