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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Emma On The Web

I'm going to be sharing several Emma-related links in this post.  I hope you find something to your liking!

Reviews of Emma 1996 and 2009

Miss Dashwood (1996 and 2009)
Abilaine (1996 and 2009)
Melody (1996 and 2009)
Miss Woodhouse (1996 and 2009)
Maria Elisabeth (1996 and 2009)
Hayden (1996 and 2009)
Miss Elizabeth (1996 and 2009)


Emma (The Book)


Austen Efforts Emma 1996 and 2009 Pages
Hartfield: A site devoted to Emma 1996

Yours truly,

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The Sampler Girl said...

What a lovely blog!! I'll add it to my list :)

Tanya, forever a Janeite

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