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Friday, June 15, 2012

Emma Week Tag Answers and Emma Game Answers

Here are my answers to the tag questions.

Did you read the book or watch an adaption first?  I watched the 1997 Beckinsale Emma and then I read the book.

How many times have you read Emma?  More than I can count!

Your favorite adaption is?  2009.

Does Emma’s matchmaking ‘skills’ annoy you?  Not in the book so much but in Emma 2009 they do.

List three minor characters you like in the story.  Mr Woodhouse, Isabella Knightley, baby Emma

Which character is the most annoying of the three? Mrs. Elton, Mr. Elton or Miss Bates?  Mrs Elton definitely.

Have you seen any Emma spinoffs? (meaning modern adaptions like the original story)  No and I don't really want to.

The perfect sum-up of Mr. Knightley is?  The perfect gentleman

Described what you think of Emma herself in three words or less.  Meddling, clueless, lovely.

Harriet Smith receives a proposal from ____?  Robert Martin

Your most enjoyed scene is?  Book - the proposal.  2009 Movie - The Crown Ball

The villain is?  Mr Elton or Frank Churchill

Jane Fairfax is engaged to be married to ____?  Frank Churchill

Miss Taylor was Emma’s ____?  Governess

Here are the answers to the Emma games.

Mame Dwoooshue - Emma Woodhouse
Tarhdilef - Hartfield
Ylenkghti - Knightley
Sism Tbaes - Miss Bates
Darnllas - Randalls
Rbuyghhi - Highbury
Mssi Yalrot - Miss Taylor
Hte Deisaes - The Seaside
Tloen - Elton
Xbo Lilh - Box Hill

"Yes—a good deal nearer." - Mr Knightley
"That sweet, amiable Jane Fairfax!" - Mr Knightley
"A bad thing! Do you really think it a bad thing?—why so?" - Mrs Weston
Where shall we see a better daughter, or a kinder sister, or a truer friend? - Mrs Weston
"You will get nothing to the purpose from Miss Bates," said Emma. "She will be all delight and gratitude, but she will tell you nothing. She will not even listen to your questions. I see no advantage in consulting Miss Bates." - Emma
He called her 'Augusta.' How delightful!" - Harriet
we are a very quiet set of people, I believe; more disposed to stay at home than engage in schemes of pleasure." - Emma
"You are so noble in your ideas!" - Miss Bates
"I mentioned no names, you will observe.—Oh! no; cautious as a minister of state. I managed it extremely well." - Mrs Elton
"I cannot separate Miss Fairfax and her complexion." - Frank Churchill

Yours truly,


Miss Abilaine said...

Quick note, dear!
Are you starting the blog (the new blog we talked of last night) or should I put you in as an author through my side of blogger. :)

Miss Melody and Miss Dashwood (BTW, I just ask your friend Lizzie) have other commitments for the summer so they shall not be contributing to the blog.

Miss Woodhouse said...

Since I will be designing the blog, I'll create it and then add you as an author. Ok?

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