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Friday, June 15, 2012

Keep Calm and Quote Emma Winners

I'm happy to say that I recieved fifteen Keep Calm posters and I can assure you that my choice was a hard one to make.  I will begin with the runners up and end with the first place entry.

2nd runner up - made by Emilie Claire

1st runner up - made by Lianne

3rd place - made by Miss Elizabeth

2nd place - made by Melody

1st place - made by Marissa

Congratulations, Marissa!  Here is your button.

Yours truly,


Miss Abilaine said...

Congrats Marissa! (:

BTW Miss Woodhouse, I love your new header. I think you liked The Young Victoria, eh?

Miss Abilaine said...

I forgot to ask you this in my email. :)

Would you be interested in founding a blog with me in honour of all the wonderful heroes and heroines in literature?

I am also asking Miss Melody, Miss Laurie, Mrs Darcy, Marissa (she is my cousin, BTW) and Miss Dashwood.
We would post hero\heroine profiles, hero\heroine posts, guest posts from various bloggers who LOVE the hero or heroine... in short bunches of crazy fan-girl randomnesses.

Is randomnesses a word? Never mind.
I'm awaiting your answer!!

Miss Woodhouse said...

I LOVE TYV! Do you?

I would be thrilled to help you found the blog. Could I design it since I love doing things like that? I could create it and then add whoever is interested as authors.

Abby said...

I know this is a little late, but I did the tag! Here's the link:

Thanks for a lovely Emma week Miss Woodhouse! :) And congratulations to Marissa - those posters made me chuckle!


Miss Abilaine said...

Yes, I do like TYV! (:

Great!! I am not going to be able to be on here until tomorrow though. I will add you as an austor then. (:

Marissa said...

Oh my I cant believe I WON!!!!!!

Thank you Miss Woodhouse and
all of you dear people for congratulating me !!

Thank you thank you thank you !!!!!!

You have made my day!!!


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