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Saturday, June 09, 2012

Why Is Emma So Likeable?

Jane Austen once wrote that Emma was a heroine 'who no one but myself will like'.  However, Emma is probably the most popular Austen heroine along with Elizabeth Bennet.  Why is that?  She's a something of a snob, she manipulates Harriet, argues with Mr Knightley, and shares gossip about Jane Fairfax.  Why then, to we like her so much?

One of the reasons is that she is not perfect.  She is real.  We all make mistakes just like Emma.  We can be snobbish like Emma.  Although I like Elinor, Emma is my favorite all time heroine because she has depth (I'm not saying that Elinor doesn't have depth), is witty, and sometimes reminds me of myself.

We can all relate to Emma.  We roll our eyes when Emma is persuading Harriet to refuse Robert Martin, but we've probably done something as obvious and irritating as that.  We can also relate to her good points - falling for Mr Knightley :), befriending Harriet (though she wasn't the best choice, Emma did mean well), and just being there for whoever needed her (as in comforting Miss Bates when Jane is going to be a governess).

Another reason, I believe, is the recent adaptions of Emma makes her more 'accesible' especially Romola Garai.  We can relate more to Emma after seeing her 'brought to life' so to speak.

What do you think are some of the reasons Emma is so likeable (or if you detest her, why is she unlikeable)?

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Emelie Claire said...

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P.S I love your blog!

Miss Melody said...

I agree! Emma is such a complex character, a delightful example of the genius of Jane Austen. =) I find heroines with faults much more lovable and easier to identify with. Also, if Emma stayed the same the whole time I might dislike her--but she changes for the better and learns from her mistakes--and learns that Mr. Knightley is worth listening to! ;D

Miss Woodhouse said...

I like heroines with faults better too which is probably why I liked Claire Foy as Amy Dorrit better than Little Dorrit in the book because she actually lost her temper - she had some small faults. :)

Miss Melody said...

Heehee, I loved the part where Amy Dorrit lost her temper. I couldn't blame her and hardly consider it a fault. :P I was like "Yes!! GO AMY! LET 'IM 'AVE IT!!!"
Well, if we're talking about the scene where she yells at Tip. That's what I'm talking about. :P

Abilaine said...

My thoughts exactly! :P

Miss Woodhouse said...

Yes, that's the scene I was thinking of. :)

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