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Thursday, October 04, 2012

Charles Dickens And Me

I've already done posts about how I came to know Jane Austen, Emma and Les Miserables so I figured it was time for a Charles Dickens post.  Enjoy!

When I was much younger, I read Great Illustration versions of Oliver Twist, Great Expectations and A Tale Of Two Cities.  You know the ones - an illustration on every other page.  They were pretty basic but I enjoyed reading them - especially Oliver as my family owned the movie/musical version and watched it on a semi-regular basis.

Then, I started blogging.  I read reviews of Little Dorrit and Bleak House (the movies) on Amy's blog and I was intrigued   About that time, several friends recommended Little Dorrit to me (again the movie) and I developed a great love of period drama.  When I found out our library had it, I immediately put a hold on it and a couple of days later - splitting it up over several days - we started it.  And it was perfect.  Especially the wedding. :)

I read the book - though I was slightly intimidated by its size (I hadn't heard about Les Miserables yet) but I floundered through it, using the film as my beacon and finally finished it.  What next?  Well, after such success with reading LD, I decided to start Bleak House (the book).  I got to the part where Tulkinghorn tells Lady Dedlock, in so many words, that Esther is alive, and I quit.

Then, I watched Bleak House.  It was another hit - not quite as as Little Dorrit but still awesome in its own right (I couldn't enjoy the wedding though).  I gave the book another try and got through it.  Finally, the Charles Dickens bug bit me.  I read Oliver Twist and Great Expectations one after another and read Little Dorrit again.

I now have several Charles Dickens books, have watched many of the adaptions of his novels and am waiting, waiting, waiting for next year to study A Tale with my mom in English Lit (she won't let me read it until then).

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