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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Book Review: Annabeth's War

With King Harold away at war Lord Raburn has his eye on the throne. Those who dare to stand in his way fall beneath his power. All but one. A girl named Annabeth. Can a common, ordinary girl, with love for king, country, and her father, achieve the impossible? 

Trained by her father, a master swordsman, outlawed Annabeth has only her sword, her wits, and her disguises to keep Belterra from falling entirely into Lord Raburn's clutches. Can she rescue her captured father and Prince Alfred? Will one girl keep the kingdom from falling?

I usually don't like reviewing books and movies (although I've reviewed every period drama I've ever watched and I have a couple more book/movie reviews in the works) because I can rarely get my thoughts together to say what I want to.  However, after having read this book in almost one sitting and shedding not a few tears over it, I knew I had to review it.

Characters are usually what make or break a story and Annabeth's War has a host of amazing characters.  There's Annabeth, of course.  For some strange reason I tend not to like MCs very much but Annabeth was an exception - I loved her!  I think my favorite character was a toss-up between Eliot or Ransom (gotta love strong heroes!).  I liked Alf too :)  And Annabeth's father.

The medieval time period has always been my favorite era (even more than Georgian/Regency/Victorian) so I knew I'd love AW just because it was set in those times.  Add to that a stellar cast, powerful and descriptive writing and a great plot - needless to say it's one of my new favorite books :)  About the crying bit...honestly, it seemed like the last few chapters brought on fresh tears with every turn of the page - and the scene where SPOILER her father dies END OF SPOILER was the finishing touch.  Thank you, Jessica - that truly made my day.

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Overall I would say that Annabeth's War is a wonderful read that I highly recommend to anyone interested in medieval times and/or a good adventure story.


Jessica Greyson said...

Thank you so much for doing this review, you brought me to tears.

Jessica Greyson.

Eva said...'re welcome, Jessica :) This book was actually one of the easier ones to review. Usually when I review books/films it's like pulling teeth to get my thoughts to coordinate :P

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