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Sunday, February 03, 2013

War Horse 2011 Review

Love, love, love this film!

[I am not following the usual format I use for my reviews...I'm just going to ramble]

My first introduction to War Horse came when Petie reviewed it on her blog and it really intrigued me (I have more than a passing interest in horses) and I had the privilege of watching it a couple of months ago (I watched it for the third time a few days ago).  I loved it.  I hardly ever enjoy war movies but this one was different.  From the very first sweeping shots of the English countryside with delicious music...I was hooked.

Albert and Joey <3The characters are awesome.  There's Joey, of course :)  And Topthorn (love that horse!).  I really got caught up in ever person on the screen and that surprised me because usually I just have one or two favorites that I really connect to.  Albert (who is awesome - in a big, big way), Captain Nicholls (my first introduction to Tom Hiddleston - I was quite blown away), Gunther and his brother, Peter, I believe is his name (I was rooting so much for them to get home safely so I was left staring at the screen with outraged disbelief when a certain something happened...).  The Grandfather and Emilie (loved the Grandfather, didn't care so much for Emilie but that might just be me) and my brothers' personal favorite, the German private near the end of the movie who takes care of Joey and Topthorn.  I liked Mr and Mrs Merrincott (am I spelling that right?), and Andrew made me smile :)

This scene just broke me up inside...:'(
This scene...

My three favorite scenes would definitely be the plowing scene (yay!), the mock-charge (loved that little race) and the reunion scene (I was crying.  All. three. times.).  There's so many other little scenes that I found wonderful but if I listed them all, there would be spoilers and this post would be too long.  Oh...I forgot the mention in my bit about the different characters that Eddie Marsen (Mr Pancks from Little Dorrit) makes a small cameo appearance  - made me smile.

The music is sweepingly gorgeous.  The End.

And so ends my review because although I could say so much more, I can't really find the right words to say it (you know how that works).  One last thing...the final scene is amazing.  Simple but amazing.

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Kiri Liz said...

My family just discovered this movie a few weeks ago, and we loved it! I can't believe it's not more widely talked about, because it's a fantastic film! I'm really not that big into horse stories, but I think this one I could watch without ever getting tired of it! Excellent review!

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