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Sunday, March 03, 2013


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So after I wrote the Javert post, I started on the El Dorado book review but it was actually left in limbo, so to speak, for several days because I didn't think it was coming together properly.  Anyway, I published it a couple of days ago and I've come up dry concerning post ideas so I just decided to do a lot of ramblings about what I've been doing lately.

~My family has been watching a few period dramas together lately.  Little Dorrit, War Horse and latest of all, North & South.  My mom read the book and then she wanted to watch the miniseries :)  Goodness...I love that period drama so much - even better than the first time around.  Higgins is definitely my favorite character and of course Mr Thornton... *siiiiiiiiiigh*  We watched it over the week and I've found that I actually like watching movies slowly because it gives you a chance to savour them.  We did that with Little Dorrit and I think it took a couple of weeks to finish it. 

~I'm on the last Scarlet Pimpernel book...actually I've read The Triumph Of The Scarlet Pimpernel (the actual last one in the series) before.  What I mean is that after I finish up the one I'm reading right now (Way Of The Scarlet Pimpernel), there will be no more new TSP books for me :(  Except the ones that don't directly involve Sir Percy.  Oh well.  I can always go back to my favorites (which I'll be doing soon).

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~Who else was totally blown away by the LM cast's performance at the Oscars?  Wow.  Overall it was amazing but there were a few highlights...let's see...that little bit of 'Suddenly' at the very beginning, Fantine's part in 'One Day More' (yay!), Sam's/Eponine's gorgeous dress (except for the skirt - but from the waist up it was so, so beautiful), the way Aaron/Enjolras stayed perfectly in character the entire time (it was just like seeing Enjolras at the Oscars) and how you can hear Russell/Javert above everybody when they're doing the 'There's a new world for the you hear the people sing?' bit.  And the flags at the end.  Amazing.  Oh, speaking about 2:57, you may spot a familiar face.  Right behind Hugh/Valjean.  Let's just say I was pretty excited when it was pointed out to me.  Speaking of Les Mis, I totally forgot to mention in my previous posts that I guest posted over at Austenitis.  I had so much fun researching the topic of the post (not giving anything away - just go and read it) and even though it's a bit sad (the post, that is) I enjoyed writing it.  A lot.

~I totally forgot to enter the giveaways for the Literary Heroine Blog Party and the winners were just announced today.  Ack.  Why do I forget things like that?

~I've been experiencing a little bit a lot of writer's block lately but I've found that writing fan fiction helps get over it.  I think it's because I don't really have to think a lot about what I'm writing since the characters and [most of] the plot has already been worked out. I've been mostly writing fan fiction about this couple but I'm planning on getting back to The Revealing ASAP.

Talk to all of you later :)

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