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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Little Things {26-50}

~ instrumental Celtic music
~ words (up to 5,299 in my novel)
~ finding the perfect title for a novel
~ libraries
~ the secret life of daydreams
~ searching for beach glass
~ re-reading books from when you were little
~ period dramas
~ long posts that make me smile/cry
~ enjonine
~ fresh notebooks
~ reminisces 
~ ideas that seem to come out of the blue
~ mom wanting to read les mis fan-fiction
~ bucket lists
~ chillin' on Pinterest ;)
~ books on writing
~ being a fangirl
~ lists and plans
~ finishing up school
~ quotes
~ some days...
~ planning my wedding - even though I'm not even engaged
~ scribbling down inspiration
~ lost internet connection (you appreciate it more when it comes back)


Kara said...

Libraries are wonderful! As are period dramas and fresh notebooks. I love it when I open a fresh notebook and all the pages lay flat and it's all clean and shiny. But it sure doesn't last that way for long. :)

And here's to getting inspired and writing it down before you forget it! I have even woke up in the middle of the night and had to write stuff down. Because come morning, it'd be gone and there would be no getting it back.

Bethy said...

Sweet post.
Enjonine, yes.
I came across the sweetest story "Our Little Lives", have you read it?
Beth xxx

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