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Sunday, June 02, 2013

Barricade Boys Week - Giveaway

Ah...the big giveaway.  I'm so excited for this :)  Before you get distracted with the prizes, let me lay out the rules.
  • I'm not going to be doing a big Rafflecopter giveaway or even a giveaway where you can do a zillion things to earn extra entries.  There will just be one entry per person - comment on this post and give the name of your favorite barricade boy and your email address so I can contact you if you win (if you're worried about spam put your email in this format - giveawaywinner [at] me [dot] com)
  • The giveaway ends on June 8th - I'll post the winners then.
  • There are three prizes so I'll randomly pick three winners and then randomly pick which prize each winner gets.
  • One of the prizes only ships to the continental USA so if you live somewhere else, please put that in your comment so I'll know.
Now that we have that all cleared up...onto the prizes!

Les Miserables Scrabble Tile Pendant "Do You Hear the People Sing"
Prize #1 - Pendant

The first prize is provided by ModJules - it's really cool Etsy shop.  They have other Les Mis pendants as well, like a Drink With Me one (I'll admit I was more than a little tempted to buy it...)  This is the prize that only ships to the USA, by the way.

Les Miserables Cockade Rosette Pin Red White Blue - Enjolras
Prize #2 - Enjolras Cockade

This cockade comes from LadyAndTheLion and is modeled after Enjo's cockade in the film.  They have several other ones to choose from as well, but this was my favorite (figures).

Les Miserables Enjolras Charm Bracelet
Prize #3 - Bracelet

Okay...I'm trying to be calm about this prize but....JUST LOOK AT IT!  ISN'T IT EPIC?!  The special thing about this bracelet (which was provided by NerdyRobots -  really fun shop) is that it is customizable with your choice of barricade boy.  So if you win it, I'll send the store owner your choice (whichever one you put in your entry comment) along with your address.

So there you have it...the three prizes.  Good luck!


Anonymous said...

Hey, I would love to be in your competition/tournament, and I hope you don't find this offensive, I'm not one to give my email address out (No offense to you, I've told Sydney Summers this also) But I love reading your blog posts, and I will definitely keep in touch with this. My favorite Barricade Boy, (as you know) is Jehan Prouvaire.
~Hannah S.

Sierra Bailey said...

Combeferre would have to be my favorite outside of Enjo, so Ferre it is!


Eva said...

That's fine, Hannah :) What we can do (if you're okay with it) is if you win, I'll give you *my* email address and you can send me an email with your physical address. But I do have to have some way to get your mailing address if you do win :)

Anonymous said...

you're honestly too kind :). But I really don't need the prize. Could I still participate and you just pick a different winner? That would be great!
~Hannah S.

Eva said...

Well, Sierra, if you *wanted* to have Enjolras on the bracelet, you could - he's an option too :)

Eva said...

@Hannah - it's totally fine if you don't want to enter the giveaway...I doesn't stop you from joining in everything else. So - do you want me to enter you in the drawing for the prize(s) or not?

Anonymous said...

No thank you, but really, thank you! I hope you understand. I can't wait for more tournaments! :)
~Hannah S.

Anonymous said...

I really hate bothering you so much (so sorry!) But while I'm talking to you, I commented on one of your pins on Pinterest. I wanted to know how you made your book covers, and/or where to go to do this. It was on you Write or Die board.
~Hannah S.

Scullery Maid said...

I can't have just one favorite! I've tried, and it's not possible;D So my four favorite Boys are Enjolras, Courfeyrac, Grantaire, and Joly, and my email is
~Chloe Cruz

Miss Dashwood said...

Combeferre and Gavroche are my favorites, and OH MY FRIEND, MY FRIEND, DON'T ASK ME to pick between them, 'kay? :D

And you have my email address. :D This looks awesome... I am in love with that bracelet.

Eva said...

@Scullery Maid - do you want to just go with the Enjolras theme (if you win) since you can't choose? :)

@Hannah S. - I used Picmonkey...if I can find it, I'll send you a friend's post that details how to make a cover.

@Miss Dashwood - Well, I *have* to have a decision if you win but we'll cross that bridge if/when we come to it, 'kay? ;)

Scullery Maid said...

Sure! Or Courfeyrac. I'm a bit in love with Fra Fee;D
~Chloe Cruz

Anonymous said...

Thanks Eva!!!
~Hannah S.

Anonymous said...



I'm so predictable, aren't I?

And I'm fairly certain you know my email address, so I shan't take the time to write it here. ;) hehehehe...

Sydney Summers said...

Jehan is my favorite, as you know;)

and my email is

Anonymous said...


And then Gav, then Combferre, then Courf, then all the others. Cuz they're all awesome. Just not quite as awesome as Enj.

And you know my email address. : )


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