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Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Barricade Boys Week - Guest Post By Petie

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Hey everybody! I was so thrilled when Eva asked me to contribute to her blog party honoring the barricade boys from Les Miserables, one of my favourite topics and all-around obsessions. And as is the norm with obsessions, please bear with me as I ramble and fangirl and get very excited over little things that probably don’t matter to anyone but me.

This may seem terribly cliched to some of you, but in thinking about this post, my mind kept drifting back to one person: Enjolras, the leader of the barricade boys. And since he is in fact my favourite barricade boy, you’re about to get a whole post dedicated to him.

First of all, I would like to point out that Victor Hugo named Enjolras well. What a strong, sturdy, bold name for such an equally amazing guy! Just say it out loud (feel free to shout it, if you wish): ENJOLRAS. Doesn’t it give you shivers? (Oh, and for all of you out there who are still unclear on how to pronounce it, here you go: Ahn-jol-rahs.)

Now. On to more serious points…

Instead of sitting here typing I LOVE ENJO I LOVE ENJO I LOVE ENJO until your eyes hurt, I would rather share why I love the guy so much, including a bunch of random thoughts I’ve had about him throughout my Les Mis fandom.

Enjolras seems to be a natural-born leader, with unbelievable enthusiasm and a die-hard mentality. But these characteristics are so synonymous with him that sometimes it is hard to remember that he is a barricade boy, emphasis on the word boy. Enjolras had barely emerged from boyhood when he took up the cause of the revolution. At times Enjolras seems like this unshakeable pillar, but I often wonder… when was he frightened? It makes me think of the Les Miserables musical number, “Bring Him Home.” Though the song is directed toward Marius, it could go for Enjolras, too: “He is young, he’s afraid… He is only a boy.” I see Enjolras as being one who would hide his emotions, conceal his fear. After all, he had to be a strong example for all those he was leading.

Enjolras was a youthful fellow, bursting with life and a passion for driving away cruelty and injustice. There were so many different ways he could have chosen to live his life; it was open to whichever path he chose… and he chose to lead a revolution. To fight for justice. To be a voice for those who had none. To die for a cause he believed in.

I often subconsciously compare Enjolras to the other young male lead of Les Miserables, Marius Pontmercy, otherwise known as the love-struck puppy. Even though he eventually joined the revolution, Marius was often of a wavering nature, an easily distracted sort of fellow (“Marius, wake up!”). But Enjolras was drastically single-minded and focused, devoted and dedicated. That one picture floating around the internet of him sporting a stern expression with the caption “Do I hear talk of something other than the revolution?” pretty much sums him up. He was a no-nonsense kind of guy, while Marius, as we all know, was all about nonsense. ;)

And while I’m on the subject of love (TWU WUV!!), you must now allow me a few moments to indulge in a bit of fangirl pleasure… I haven’t read the Brick in a while (sadly), but it is a fine joke amongst Mizzers regarding Enjolras’s utter oblivion of females. I remember being amused at Victor Hugo so distinctly pointing out that the only “girl” Enjolras was ever in love with was Patria, his dear homeland. I often wonder if Hugo did so to discourage all future Enjolras + Eponine shippers. Well, if that was his goal, it looks like he failed because I, for one, am a huge ENJONINE shipper. I totally respect Victor Hugo and how he chose to write his story, but c’mon. We all know that’s how it really should have worked out, yes? Eponine needed someone strong and courageous in her life like Enjolras. And Enjolras, never having been in love, would have loved and cherished Eponine with everything he had, something that poor girl desperately needed. Can you imagine if it had been Eponine, instead of Grantaire, who died alongside Enjo? Imagine her boldly coming to his side and whispering, “Do you permit it?” and Enjolras just pulling her close to him, squeezing her hand in his and smiling at her as the report sounded. SIGH. The ultimate romantic death! (Boy, I sound… morbid.)

Alright, alright, I’ll stop being weird now.

Now comes the time when I am going to type I LOVE ENJO I LOVE ENJO I LOVE ENJO over and over until your eyes hurt. So.


Enjolras. The leader of the barricade boys. I love his fire. His passion. His zealous nature. His never-give-up mindset. (And of course, The Red Vest he wears in the musical wins him some major brownie points as well.) But seriously, I would follow him to the barricades. In a heartbeat.

Long live Les Miserables! :)


Anonymous said...

GAH!!! HE'S SO AWESOME!!!! I'm glad I'm not the only fangirl whose entire life is cliche and loves Enj best. : )

I ship Enjonine, too, and I WILL GO DOWN WITH THIS SHIP!!!! They're totally perfect for each other. Totally. And what you said about what would have happened if Eponine had died alongside Enj instead of Grantaire.... Shivers, girl. Shivers.

One question, though. Which version of Enj is your favorite? This includes and is not limited to: The Brick, The Musical, any version of the movie, "your" Enj (the one you saw live - Jason Forbach, right?), Ramin, Aaron, the Boogie-dancing French guy, etc, etc. I feel like this is a hard question..... (MUAHAHAHA.) So. Feel free to answer as weirdly as possible, giving your favorite vocal performance to one, whilst giving age correctness to another, etc. (And giving worst to Nick Jonas. RIGHT?)

One more thing. You didn't type "I LOVE ENJO" enough to suit me. : D


Miss Dashwood said...

Puddle, this post was all kinds of epic. LOVED IT. Gahhhh, we haven't done any Enjonine gushing in a good long while. We should do some. :D They would have been so perrrrrrfect for each other... but though your Ultimate Romantic Death was unbelievably cute in a morbid kind of way, I cannot accept it as a viable theory. Nope. If we're gonna ship Enjonine, they both have to live. End of story. :D Plus, it's not fair to deprive poor R of his one tiny moment of glory. "Vive le Revolution! I am one of them."

*cries in corner*

The fact that Enjolras gave up SO MUCH for what he believed in-- he was wealthy and privileged and when he started sympathizing with the radicals his cold-hearted parents DISOWNED him-- gives him super-major double fudge brownie points in my book. For the most part, the others came from lesser backgrounds. They were fighting for the freedom of the people because it would benefit them (and their children, of course-- I don't mean that they were self-serving, not in the least). But Enjolras already had pretty much everything he could want. (And a few things he didn't want. Like a king. Heehee.) And yet he chose to lead the revolution anyway, because his one true love was (not Eponine...) Patria. Not just "the fatherland," not a mere land mass, but the PEOPLE of that land. It's not "do you hear the section on the map sing?"; it's "do you hear the people sing?". That's what I love most about him, I think.

Heehee. Pardon my melodrama. I get a bit carried away where this topic is concerned. :D

Alllllsoooooo... GREAT choice of pictures for this post. Muwahahahahahaha. I'm actually quite surprised that Ramin didn't make even one appearance. Can it be? Can it be that Puddle has seen the light? Has she finally realized who is the best-looking Enjolras? HAVE THOSE GORGEOUS GOLDEN LOCKS FOUND THEIR WAY INTO HER HEART? HMMMMMMMMMM?

(No offense, Ramin. I still love ya. Best "barricades of freedoooooooooom" ever. EVER.)

Eva said...

Actually, *I* chose the pictures for this post and although I do love Ramin as Enjo, I think I like Aaron a teensy bit more. 'Cause he's so brick-accurate and amazing and awesome and all that jazz :) Not to say that Ramin isn't amazing and awesome but he's not brick-accurate (friendship with R, crossing himself during ODM..)

And I could be wrong about this, but I pretty sure Petie got the idea about the romantic death from a fan-fic I sent her ages ago :) And speaking of Enjonine and fan-fics, I've actually written one where they both survive the barricades (well, I'm in the middle of writing it) and it's all kinds of heartbreaking. 'Cause it has Combeferre's death in it and I was crying *so much* as I wrote it all down :*(

And your point about Enjo having everything - brilliant <3 But Jehan was the son of rich parents as well (the brick said so - it's not just my head-canon). His parents probably disowned him as well :(

Anonymous said...

@ Eowyn,
Thanks so much, darling! :D I had (way too) so much fun writing this post.
Aggggghhh, what a question, dear! Okay, I freely admit Aaronjolras is da bomb dot com. It took me a bit to warm up to him, but now that I've seen the Les Mis movie three times, I've decided he's *amazing.*
Ramin will always hold a special place in my heart because... HE'S RAMIN KARIMLOO DUHHHHHHH. :P But he was also the first Enj I ever saw. BUT Jason Forbach was pretty mindblowing, and he WAS "MY" Enjo...
Alright. Fine. Ramin and Aaron tie, with Jason following close behind. :D

Oh, I didn't? Allow me to remedy this sad situation...


:D There.

@ My little Chauvelin,
Well of course I would prefer it if Enjonine lived, but you know... VICTOR HUGO DIDN'T EXACTLY WRITE IT THAT WAY. I suppose we have to keep some of his original story... But hey, if the Enjonine ship makes it to where they both live, I am totally cool with this.
You are so right! Enjolras literally sacrificed EVERYTHING for the revolution. His home, his privilege, his wealth, HIS LIFE.
Bwuahahahahahahahaha, rejoice not so quickly, m'dear. Eva chose all the pictures for this post, not I. :D
Most of the time I am okay with Aaronjolras's hair, but at some angles and in some pictures I'm just like, "TOO MUCH IT'S TOO MUCH COULD THE CURLS JUST NOT BE *QUITE* SO WILD???"
Sorry to commit such heresy, but there it is. :D

@ Eva,
What is it with all you Ramin-betrayers??? Will I be forced to pull out Enjo's rifle?
;) Hahahaha, just kidding.
Hahaha, well, I had actually thought of the whole death thing a long time ago, but then yes, you sent me your fan-fic and I was like, "THIS IS SO PERFECT."

Eva said...

No, I am NOT a Raminjolras-betrayer :D I just (slightly) prefer Aaronjolras. Sighhhhh...I do so hope that the Enjolras I get to see live will be epic :)

Anonymous said...

Petie - Yes, Aaronjolras is da bomb dot com. HA! : )

Totally understand about Ramin. His version was really powerful, but he's just a little too old! And Jason was my Enj, too!! : D

Hahaha..... Good answer!!!! I think that's my line-up, too. With the guy from the 10th in close third. : )

THANK YOU, M'DEAR. I love Enj, too. If you can't tell. : D

And on what you said about Aaron's hair being too wild.... NO. IT CANNOT BE SO. His hair is the way it is and it's awesome and I love it. End of story. : )


Bethy said...
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Bethy said...
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Emily Blakeney said...

"I LOVE ENJO!" x100. There. That will save me some typing.

Aaronjolras and Enjonine forevah!


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