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Sunday, June 02, 2013

Barricade Boys Week - Guest Post By Sydney

Sydney's blog - Ramblings from a Les Mis Fanatic

Hey, everyone!  I'm Sydney from Ramblings of Les Miserables fanatic!  

Well, this is my first June 6th knowing of the Barricade Boys (or Les Amis de l'ABC, to be exact). I discovered Les Mis in October.  Eva told me to write about whatever I wanted so I'm going to discuss my *personal* favorite, Jehan and I'm going to start by quoting some of the Brick.

"Jean Prouvaire was a shade more soft-hearted than Combeferre. He called himself Jehan, with a touch of fantasy that characterized the profound and widespread impulse of that time, which has given rise to our most necessary study of the middle ages. Jehan Prouvaire was a lover; he cherished a pot of flowers, played the flute, wrote verses, loved people, pitied women, wept over the lot of children, divided his faith equally between the future and God, and reproached the Revolution for having cut of an illustrious head." ~Victor Hugo, Les Miserables, Norman Denny Translation.

This paragraph totally sums up Jehan. And it's what made me fall in love with him. He's soft spoken yet his voice could become strong. He was also one of the youngest of the barricade boys.  I think the reason I love Jehan so much is because he's the only of the Amis who Hugo said was a Christian. But I really love everything about Jehan, he's just the sweetest.

He's not talked about all that much in the book, just mentioned here and there. But one thing said about him is that he was in love, which breaks my heart. Often, I wonder about who that lucky girl was. And what happened to her afterward.  

But what really gets me is the chapter titled The Last Poem of Jean Prouvaire. Wow, I'm in tears just thinking about it.  Jehan was captured by the National Guard and Les Amis were planning on trying to negotiate a trade, giving them Javert in return for Jehan.  Unfortunately, that did not happen.

"An ominous rattle of muskets had come from the other end of the street. A brave voice shouted:

'Long live France! Long live the future!'

It was the voice of Jehan Prouvaire.

'They've shot him!' cried Combeferre.

Enjolras turned to Javert and said:

'Your friends have killed you as well.'"

What gets me the most was that he died alone. The others were together as the fell on the barricade. But Jehan was alone. But he wasn't scared; in fact, I find him rather intrepid.  I wish I could make this post longer but I'm currently in a bit of a time crunch. So I hope you enjoyed my ramblings about Jehan!


P.S. I'm kind of self promoting here but...if you're a fan of Jehan, you should read my short fan fiction about him on my blog :)

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Anonymous said...

Sydney, I have read it, and I LOVED IT!!!!! It was so sad, but I loved it! I'm a big Jehan Prouvaire fan too :)
~Hannah S.

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