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Monday, June 03, 2013

Mini-Tournament Round 2

I know I'm zipping through this tournament but to fit The Schedule (yes, it deserves to be capitalized), the tournament has to be over by Saturday.  Anyway, I've gotten enough votes to move on to Round 2 :)  By the way, I was almost asleep last night when my brain started bombarding me with all sorts of different things that I should have put in The Schedule for this week.  So I got up and tweaked and re-arranged everything.  I have about five more posts to write than I planned...I don't know if I'll get them all done, but we'll see :)  Now, onto the polls!  These are the results of Round 1 (winners are bolded and for those who tied, I randomly picked a winner for that poll)
  • Enjolras vs. Eponine
  • Gavroche vs. Combeferre 
  • Courfeyrac vs. Jehan
  • Marius vs. Lesgle
  • Joly vs. Grantaire
  • Feuilly vs. Bahorel 
I'm pretty happy with most of the results (although I wish Enjolras had come back to fight another day).  The polls should be even more interesting from now on ;)  They are as follows...
  • Eponine vs. Combeferre vs. Courfeyrac
  • Marius vs. Grantaire vs. Feuilly

Go vote!


Anonymous said...

I cannot believe Jehan and Joly did not win!!!! (sigh)
But here's my answer for the new poles:
1. Courfeyrac
2. Marius

~Hannah S.

Eva said...

Well, it actually wasn't anyone's fault that they *didn't* win - I used the random name picker for the polls they were in and they lost :( I'm actually glad that Grantaire won because I like him a tad more than Joly...

Anonymous said...

Oh well. I still love them all! :) You're makin' this contest hard to chose! :)

Miss Dashwood said...

I voted for Ferre and R... and I'm amused to see that R currently has 100% of the votes. :D

Kathleen Wentworth said...

This is extremely interesting! I chose Combeferre and Marius. I have a sneaking suspicion that Grantaire and Combeferre will be pitted against each other in the next round...GO COMBEFERRE! Actually, all this is rather new to me; I am reading Les Mis for the first time this month (I am part French, and so I am reading in the original). I have seen the film but I cannot wait to get to know these characters more deeply!

Eva, I think you are doing a wonderful job so far organizing this event! You should do more of these :)



Bethy said...

It was cruel, very cruel to make us choose between Eponine and Enjolras.
Beth xxx

Eva said...

@Kathleen - Yup, I'm pretty sure that the final poll will be Ferre/R :) And I'm hoping Combeferre wins (although if he loses, that'll be fine too 'cause I do love Grantaire). Congratulations on reading the book! It's amazing, isn't it?

@Bethy - I wasn't perfectly happy with that poll, especially since their my favorite ship, but I didn't want Enjo to just win hands down and I figured Eponine would be a tough one to beat :)

Eva said...

P.S. Kathleen, I have done a few blog events before - I did an Emma (Jane Austen) week and a Jane Austen's heroine week. I do love organizing these weeks - it's lots of fun (although it *can* be a head ache at times ;)

Sierra Bailey said...

Combeferre and Grantaire!

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