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Tuesday, June 04, 2013

"There is a flame that never dies..."

I've always been intrigued by large books (like Bleak House, Little Dorrit, Les Miserables...) because there's 'so much scope for the imagination'.  I like to think of what the characters' lives were like before and after the events in the book.  I've wondered if Amy and Arthur ever talked about all the things that happened to bring them together.  Ditto for Marius and Cosette.  I've written Jane Austen fan-fiction telling Jane Fairfax's side of the story in Emma and how Isabelle and John became interested in each other (I also have a Persuasion fan-fic idea if I can ever get through writing my novel).  And then, of course, there's Les Mis fan-fiction - I basically have every characters backstory, love interest, etc all planned out.  And I've often imagined what all the barricade boys would have done if they had survived.  It's fun to think about, so I'm going to share my ideas here.  A lot of it actually comes from my sister (we did a brainstorming session awhile back) :)


  • Enjolras would marry Eponine (obviously), but as to what he would do with his life after the barricades, I'm rather at a loss.  Since everyone almost died at the barricades (don't ask me to go into my theory on how they all survived - it's way too complicated), I think he would be more...I don't know...careful and bide his time for the next revolution?  'Cause after all, he has a wife and children to think about now ;)
  • Combeferre would return to his mom and help her run the family bookstore in Paris (VH forgot to mention that his mom ran a bookstore).  Since he's still in Paris, he's able to go and visit Enjo and Ponine a lot - and he does.  He and Enjolras are still best friends :)
  • Jehan has the teeniest bit of a crush on Cosette (more on that theory later this week) but he's content to be as he is (especially since Cosette's married to Marius now ;).  He often takes all the children (from the four families - you'll see what I mean as you keep reading) to the park, thus giving the parents a break.  And he still writes poetry.
  • Feuilly works at the fan factory (sorry, Feuilly fans - hehehehe - but the brick doesn't give that much info about him so I couldn't really let my imagination go...however, suggestions are welcome)
  • Coufeyrac marries Azelma (I'm slipping all my favorite ships in here, in case you haven't noticed) and they open an inn together in a town outside Paris after Courf's dad dies (see, his dad was an aristocrat so he wouldn't want his son running an inn).
  • Bahorel moves to England just to see what will come of it - all the other Amis lose track of him after a few weeks.
  • Laigle...I actually don't have anything for him.  Any ideas?
  • Joly marries Musichetta and moves to the country where he becomes a doctor.  I've always imagined him living in a big, sprawling, half run-down house with lots of little kids running all over the place :)
  • Grantaire.  Okay.  So.  At first I didn't have anything for Grantaire either because in the brick he doesn't really have any interests (besides Enjolras) so I had no idea what to do for him.  And then I remembered that for some reason, the fandom always has him being an art student (instead of medical or law) so I had him going back to his art.  And I think he would lose some of his cynicism...
  • Gavroche gets adopted by Marius and Cosette (along with the two little boys) but he spends much of his time on the Paris streets.  Old habits die hard :)  As for Marius, he marries Cosette (duh!) and he inherits his grandfather's house and is very rich.  The end.
Now, on New Years' Day, all the of them (except Bahorel) gather at Marius' house for a big dinner and then they all talk about what's been going on in their lives over the past year (for some of them - like Joly - this is the only time they get to see everybody).  Because they all stayed really good friends the whole time.  And then in February 1848, Enjolras rallies the old group together again and they fight and help bring in the Second Republic (that is what it was called, wasn't it?).

What do you think of my imaginings of the boys' life after the barricades?


Sydney Summers said...

This has got to be the best thing I've ever read. Aaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!! Seriously if you ever finish or want to send me you Cosette and Jehan Fan Fic or your longer É/E FF, I'd be happy to read them!!

Anonymous said...

Eva, ever since you pinned your ships, I've fully shipped Cosette and Jehan. They would be an absolutely cute couple!
~Hannah S.

Eva said...

@Sydney - I'm actually going to be posting my Jehan fan-fic this week 'cause it's pretty short. I can't wait to hear your thoughts on it (I know you're a huge Jehan fan). Basically all my ff projects are on hold for right now (although a write a bit more of my Ferre/Eponine fan-fic every now and then) because I'm working on my novel :) But when I finish the longer E/É one, I'll send it to you.

@Hannah - Well, I'll always ship Marius/Cosette more than Cehan but as far as non-canon ships go, they're my OTP. Well, along with Enjonine <3

Anonymous said...

I love Marius and Cosette together, but if that hadn't worked out, I would pair them together. Can't wait for more Barricade Boys Week!
~Hannah S.

Sydney Summers said...

Currently, my favorite ships are Eponine and Grantaire, Cosette and Enjolras.

Oh. And my "secret" ship, which I'll be writing a post about hopefully today.

I think I need to write posts about all my favorite ships.

And I ship. So. Many.

Starting to ship Cehan now. Wow, thanks, Eva;) Just Kidding. I love having new ships and/or head cannons.

Bethy said...

YES! Brilliant.
Never thought of Cehan. I do love Cosette.
Azelma and Courfeyrac! Yes, she needs a happy ending just as much as Ponine.
Beth xxxx

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