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Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Jane Austen Mini-Reviews

the books
Here are my mini-reviews of Jane Austen's six major novels.  With one-out-of-ten ratings at the end ('cause they're fun).
  • Sense & Sensibility - This book will always be special to me because 1) it was the first Austen I ever read (read and understood - I stumbled my way through Persuasion when I was a tween...) and 2) the 1995 adaption was the first period drama I'd ever watched and it was my favorite movie EVAH for the longest time (and I still love it).  Plus, I see bits of both Elinor and Marianne is me at times :)  One thing I love about this book is the surprises.  No matter how many times I read it, I'm 'totally didn't see this coming' with Lucy and Edward's engagement, Eliza's story and Willoughby coming to explain himself to Elinor.  Over the past few months, I've found that I like Marianne a teensy bit more than Elinor.  Which is odd, I guess, but I can't help it :)  Rating: 9/10
  • Pride & Prejudice - Okay.  So.  P&P is probably my least favorite Jane Austen book *ducks*  For me, Mr Darcy is not the ultimate hero (leave that up to Mr Knightley, Sir Percy and Jean Valjean) and sometimes I just get tired of people talking about how great he and the story are and totally ignoring all the other books.  That being said, I do like P&P (hey, it's Austen!).  I like Elizabeth and the whole Jane/Bingley subplot.  And the 2005 adaption is one of my favorite films.  Rating: 6/10
  • Mansfield Park - On a whole other side of the Jane Austen fandom, quite apart from P&P, we have another debate (the 'Mansfield Park is so slow and boring and Fanny and Edmund are dumb and the Crawfords are so much better' debate).  Personally, I love Mansfield Park.  It's true that it doesn't have the same sparkle as Pride & Prejudice or Emma but sometimes it's nice to have a slow book that you can just savour.  Although I think that Edmund is a bit fickle (I'm talking about right at the end), Fanny is a really great heroine - she has a quiet strength about her (although she can be a bit Elsie Dinsmore-ish at times...).  As for the Crawfords, well, when I first read the book I thought Miss Crawford was actually very nice; but I didn't trust Mr Crawford for a moment.  Someone said that Miss Crawford was a slightly nicer version of Lady Susan.  I agree.  Rating: 8/10
  • Emma - *siiiiiiiigh*  My favorite Austen novel.  And that may or may not have something to do with the fact that Mr Knightley is in it.  Probably a lot ;)  Emma is my favorite heroine.  Sure, she makes mistakes, but that's what makes her believable and fun.  I like almost all the characters in here (with the exception of the Eltons, of course) and I think Emma ranks right up there with P&P for 'most quotable novel'.  Of course, my mind being what it is, I can't think of a single example, but I know what I'm talking about :)  Oh, one of the reasons I think it's my favorite is...CHAPTER FORTY-NINE.  I need to go read it again *melts*  Rating: 10/10
  • Northanger Abbey - This is my mom's least favorite Jane Austen novel, but I like it :)  While it's true that Catherine isn't exactly the brightest heroine, Henry Tilney more than makes up for it (am I the only one who thinks she didn't exactly deserved him?).  Forget what I said about Emma - Northanger Abbey is the most quotable.  Liked Eleanor, despised Isabella, liked James, despised General Tilney, etc, etc.  I started reading Mysteries of Udolpho once (massive book - I gave up after I got about a quarter through) so I was able to 'get' what Isabella and Catherine and then Henry and Catherine were talking about.  And I still think Catherine might have been onto something with her theory about Mrs Tilney...  Rating: 8/10
  • Persuasion - This book is different from all of the others.  It doesn't talk about a young girl (or girls) trying to find a husband.  It's about a older woman who almost had a husband and then lost him.  The night is getting late so I'll just leave you with a few bits about my favorite part and my rating and then get off the computer.  So, my favorite is..The Letter.  *mushy-gushy fangirl sighs*  After all these re-reads, I still can't read that bit without a few happy tears coming to my eyes :)  Rating: 7/10
What do you think of my opinions?  Also, would any of you be interested in a post about all my different Les Mis ships? (yes, yes, the Scaramouche review is coming in a little while)


Miss Jane Bennet said...

Emma is totally my favorite too! Mr. Knightley definitely has something to do with it...;)
I agree with you about Mr. Darcy but I wouldn't give P&P only a 6/10- it's still a really good book even if you don't like all the Darcy chatter. ;)
I read S&S second, after Emma. That's partly why Emma is my favorite- I love them all so I just picked the first one I read. ;)

Sierra Bailey said...

*swoons* Mr Knightly. I used to want a Darcy and only a Darcy, but Knightly completely stole my heart. Bad part is that because of Jane Austen I find that I'm attracted to guys older than me...which isn't exactly socially acceptable anymore.
Have you read Lady Susan or the Watsons? I know the last one was never finished, but it is still amazing. Also the letter in Persuasions *swoonsagain*

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