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Friday, July 12, 2013

Little Things {51-75}

keeps me going.

~ sparkly new sandals
~ the knowledge that Scotland's national animal is a unicorn
~ walks and talks
~ family reunions
~ walking to the library in the pouring rain.  without an umbrella.
~ the whole orchestration for 'on my own'
~ amazing friends
~ deadlines
~ getting lost in books
~ too many blog post ideas at one time
~ chocolate ice cream
~ the smell of books
~ facts and figures
~ my moleskine notebook that I carry everywhere
~ jewelry
~ laughter
~ ginourmous pancake breakfasts
~ being random
~ a small, red, common (ha!) English flower
~ funny boards on Pinterest
~ arabian horses
~ getting a pile of books from the library
~ books about writing
~ the fact that it was so easy to compile this list :)

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