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Saturday, July 27, 2013

{my bucket list}

~fall in love with someone who loves me back
~be proposed to in a unique way
~get engaged
~marry the love of my life
~have a perfect wedding
~have my parents/grandparents there the day i get married
~have a marriage more beautiful than my wedding
~have children
~have twins
~be called mommy
~be a good parent
~watch my children get married
~live to meet my grandchildren
~grow old with someone i love
~have a fiftieth wedding anniversary
~live happily ever after
~be an aunt
~see the statue of liberty
~go on a road trip with friends
~order dessert first at a restaurant
~give a surprise gift that makes someone's day
~bake every single thing in a cookbook
~use a fake name at starbucks
~travel to all the places i've always wanted to go (france, ireland and scotland)
~go to the top of the eiffel tower
~learn how to sew
~learn how to bake/cook perfectly
~catch a bride's bouquet
~be a bridesmaid
~be the maid of honour in a wedding
~visit paris, france
~visit the palace of versailles
~visit the louvre
~go on a midnight stroll in paris
~visit cannes, france
~see a stage musical live (you guess which one)
~see a shooting star
~write/publish a book
~write a novel every year during national novel writing month
~have a book i've written by made into a movie
~publish a best-selling novel
~kiss in the rain
~give people a reason to remember my name
~follow my dreams (marriage, writing, singing...)
~visit the hershey's chocolate factory in pennsylvania
~dance in the rain
~throw someone a surprise party
~have a surprise party thrown for me
~run through a field of sunflowers
~bake in the middle of the night with someone i love
~receive a dozen red roses
~find a four-leaf clover
~try baked alaska
~take a picture every day for a year
~write a letter to myself and open it in ten years
~have the room of my dreams
~learn how to play the piano
~find the perfect wedding dress
~own a nice camera
~learn to speak a different language fluently (preferably french)
~learn fluent sign language
~meet my online friends
~go an entire day without using any technology
~try everything on the starbucks menu once
~be part of a flash mob
~own something from swarovski crystal
~learn braille
~own a typewriter
~send a letter to a random address and see if they write back
~celebrate st. patrick's day in ireland
~finish a 'wreck this journal'
~convince someone to write their own bucket list
~autograph something
~start a diary and write in it every day
~leave a note in a library book
~go to carlo's bake shop
~create a time capsule
~time travel
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