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Saturday, August 24, 2013

30 Songs {#19}

This song is one of my favorites in A Tale of Two Cities: The Musical because it's an ensemble number that's full of energy and anger, not unlike At The End Of The Day and Madame Guillotine.  There's also a line or two for Sydney in this song ("What if he dies?  What if she turns to me?") so that also helps the song on to this list :)  This song always gives me chills at the end and I think that it's a song that really highlights the feelings and furies of the people in revolutionary France.

The time is upon us.
We fight now or never.
We're lighting a fire,
They'll remember forever.
We go to the Bastille,
The symbol of terror.
We'll swing the gates open, we'll lead them to freedom, we'll show them the way!

One of my favorite songs and one of my favorite musicals.

What is your favorite song from this musical?

1 comment:

Miss Jane Bennet said...

Oh, I love this song! What is it with all these musicals having "tomorrow" songs? Not that there's anything wrong with, say, "One Day More," which is one of my favorite songs from Les Mis, but I think it's a pretty interesting coincidence. My favorite song...hmmm, I'll have to tell you later. Right now I'm off to YouTube to watch AToTC and refresh my memory. :D

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