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Thursday, August 22, 2013

30 Songs {#20}

When I first heard that a new song was going to be added to the original musical for the movie, I was thrilled.  Especially since I had already memorized all the other songs (minus LL and MOTH) and it's always great to get new singing material ;)  The first time I listened to Suddenly, it touched my heart and made me cry.  Valjean was so alone before and now he has Cosette by his side and, yeah, I loved it.  It's a sweet little song and I'm so glad that it was added to the world we call Les Mis (although so many fans are bashing it - I have no idea why).

Suddenly, you're here.
Suddenly, it starts.
Can two anxious hearts beat as one?
Yesterday, I was alone.
Today, you are beside me.
Something still unclear,
Something not yet here,
Has begun.

And I hate to be repetitive, but the reprise of this song is perfect (perfectly heartwrenching, that is).  It comes right after Valjean's Confession, and Marius is comforting Cosette about her father leaving.  It was a nice little throwback to the brick where Marius makes her forget her father (ugh.  I hate Marius right there.) and as someone pointed out, it really balances out their relationship - first Cosette is comforting Marius after the loss of his friends and then the situation is reversed.  Perfect, right?

What did you think of the new addition to the movie?  How do you view Marius encouraging Cosette to forget her father?


Miss Jane Bennet said...

I love this song as well! It's so sweet and melancholy. I like the reprise- after all, Marius is trying to comfort Cosette...although I still hated him right there. But I always thought the balanced relationship thing was really nice.

Eva said...

I actually don't really hate Marius at that part in the *movie* very much. It's more in the book.

Anonymous said...

SOB. I LOVE this song!!! It would be THE PERFECT wedding song!!


Eva said...

YES. I really, really want to have it in some form at my wedding <3

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