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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

30 Songs {#22}

Where do I begin?  (I honestly don't know how to begin this post)

Of all my favorite songs from A Tale Of Two Cities, this is is one of my top favorites.  The first time I watched the musical, the whole thing sort of passed in an unrecognizable blur thanks to lots of tears and stress (I had to watch it in chunks throughout the afternoon and for someone like me - who likes to watch everything in one go - it was stressful) and I didn't really remember a lot of specific songs and certainly not any lyrics.  I told my mom once I was finished it that there were 'three or four songs were Sydney does nothing but sings about how alone and worthless he is'.

I can't really believe I said that.  He only has two solos (right?  That's all I can remember right now, at least).  One is him moping about how worthless he is and how Lucie will never fall in love with him ('Reflection').  But 'I Can't Recall' is about him turning his life around in hopes of winning Lucie.  It's a gorgeous song (as most of them are) and I love listening to it.

The choice is mine.
Tomorrow's at my feet.
All yesterdays a haze,
I pray that I will not repeat.

I can't recall a night so clear.
The heavens seem an inch away.
And not unfriendly after all,
After all.
If life was ever quite this sweet,
I can't recall!

And, of course the super-emotional ending is a reprise of this song.  I have this theory about reprises in musicals - sometimes they can be more emotional than the original song (actually most of the time they are) because they subconsciously pull your mind back to the original song and...I can't really explain it.  But it's true that the reprise of DYHTPS? is wayyyyyy more emotional than the original version.  And all the melodies that are repeated in Les Mis and AToTC are amazing as well.

What is your opinion on reprises?

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Miss Jane Bennet said...

*Sniffle* This musical always leaves me an emotional wreck. I agree about reprises...DYHTPS in particular is extremely emotional, which is strange because it's such a hopeful song. Maybe it's because everybody who's singing it is dead...?

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