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Friday, August 02, 2013

30 Songs {#28}

This song comes from a little known Disney movie - The Great Mouse Detective.  The movie itself is about a mouse version of Sherlock Holmes (with snatches of the real Sherlock) and it is my favorite animated movie ever.  No kidding.  I like it even more than Tangled and Robin Hood.  Never thought I'd say that Tangled is not my favorite Disney movie, but after my fifth viewing of TGMD, I realized it really is my favorite.

This song is pure evil/comedic genius.  Usually there are about five songs in a Disney film (heroine song, villain song, funny song, romantic song and reprise of heroine song - I got that list from a book about animation).  But this film only has three - two villain songs and a song that we always skip (takes place in a tavern, FYI).  Both of the villain songs are great but this one is my favorite.  The lyrics are just...perfect.

From the brain that brought you the Big Ben Caper
The head that made headlines in every newspaper
And wondrous things like the Tower Bridge Job
That cunning display that made London a sob

Now comes the real tour de force
Tricky and wicked, of course
My earlier crimes were fine for their times
But now that I'm at it again
An even grimmer plot has been simmering
In my great criminal brain.

I would include more of the lyrics but I told myself that I would only do two verses max. for these posts.  Just go listen to it.

Have you ever watched The Great Mouse Detective?  


Anonymous said...

Funny, I just watched this movie with my little sisters yesterday!

Miss Jane Bennet said...

I watched TCMD a long time ago, still catch myself humming scraps of the songs occasionally. :D
This song is such fun! :)

Anonymous said...


(Love your 30 Songs series, btw! I would NEVER EVER EVER EVERRRRR be able to put 30 favorite songs into a list! EVER!! So I applaud you.)


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