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Friday, August 23, 2013

Becoming The Chateran: A Pre-Review

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When Princess Rhea inadvertently condemns two people to almost certain death, due to her escapades, she is horrified.  She vows to help the two - a knight, Paladin and a Griffin, Zephen - in the quest: to slay the two Dragons that are terrorizing the land.  They journey to meet the Dragons with the help of some friends and along the way discover new things about their lives, their hopes and each other.  But will they be able to face the great challenge unscathed?


I was given the chance to beta-read Becoming The Chateran about a week ago.  At first, I didn't plan to because I had so much going on already that I didn't think I could handle another project but I decided to give it a go.  It would be my first fantasy novel and I was a little wary about whether or not I would like it.  I hate science-fiction so I figured I wouldn't like fantasy either.

I was wrong.  It was an amazing read and I'm so happy that I offered to read it and thus add BTC to my list of 'epic books I've read' ('cause I always like adding to that list...)  My favorite part of the book was probably the characters.  Rhea was fun, but she wasn't my favorite character (I never like the main characters as much as I do the secondary characters, for some reason).  My favorite character was Zephen - he was funny, loyal, courageous, and just all around awesome; followed by Paladin - Ze Great Hero; Hiyliena - Rhea's girl friend and loyal companion; and Quavarelle, because she was so funny and spirited.  She always made me smile.

I can't pick my favorite part (as in scene) of the book, although I can tell you exactly what my least favorite part was - the whole time the little travelling group spent in Leveaus, a really, really, really weird city.  It was almost like they were all in a dream and I hate it when characters think they're dreaming in books.  But one they got out of there and advanced toward Dragon territory, it was fine :)  One of my favorite parts was actually the whole fight with the Dragons because that was really exciting and adrenaline fueled.  And realistic.  The way they fought the Dragons was totally realistic.

I cried quite a bit during this book (which is always a plus.  As a friend of mine once said, "Sad is happy for deep people") especially when I thought that a certain character had died.  *SPOILERS* And when Rhea reunited with her family. *SPOILERS ENDED*  Overall, Becoming The Chateran is a great story.  It's really long but I read it in less than two days (I couldn't keep away from it for too long).  Oh, and it has an ambigous ending which leaves it open for a sequel (and the author assures me that several will be forthcoming).

The end.

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