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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

30 Songs {#13}

This was the first movie scene that ever made me cry (when I watched the 10th, which technically isn't a movie, but you get what I mean).  I didn't understand the story of Les Mis at that point, but I did know that the girl who loved a guy who didn't love her back was dying in the guy's arms and it was really, really sad.  Along with being special for being the first thing that ever made me cry during a movie, it's just such a beautiful song.  In a tragic way, of course.  As much as I like Eponine's part in this song, Marius' lines have always been my favorite.

But you will live, 'Ponine,
Dear God above!
If I could close your wounds with words of love...
You would live a hundred years,
If I could show you how.
I won't desert you now...
So hushabye,
Dear Eponine,
You don't feel any pain.
A little fall of rain,
Can hardly hurt you now.
I'm here...
And I will stay with you, till you are sleeping.
And rain...
Will make the flowers...grow.

Of course, it's even more heartbreaking when you read the scene in the book.  But I'd rather not go there right now, so just go over to Youtube and listen to the movie version along with the 10th.  It's a total toss-up between which version I like (and much as I love Samantha's acting in the 25th's ALFOR, Nick Jonas kills that song).  They're both so gorgeous, but seeing how most of the song was cut in the film (grrrrrr), I probably like the 10th a wee bit more.

What is your favorite version of A Little Fall of Rain?  What's your favorite line (or lines) from the song?


Miss Jane Bennet said...

LOVE THIS SONG. It was the first song I listened to that could make me cry, and it's usually where I start crying when I'm watching Les Mis. The movie version is so beautiful, but it's cuuuuut (Aagh! WHY?), so I'm going with the 10th too. Michael Ball's performance is so. good. (as is Lea Salonga's), and the little comforting bit at the end by Michael Maguire redeems MM in my eyes. It's the one thing he does better than Ramin. :P

Anonymous said...

The movie version is my favorite. It makes me sob every time I hear or watch it.
~Hannah S.

Eva said...

@Jane - Yes, MM did a phenomenal job with the comforting Marius scene. He actually goes up to Marius whereas Ramin just shakes his hand, and tells him to rest (although, seeing as it's Nick playing Marius, I don't really blame him :P). My favorite version of "Marius. Rest." is actually the film because Aaronjolras says it in such a...comforting? way.

Katelyn said...

Definitely the movie! I love Samantha Barks as Eponine, and she is outstanding in both the 25th and the movie, however Nick Jonas' acting skills is a.... er, problem. On the otherhand, Eddie Redmayne did as great job with displaying his emotions, but I don't really prefer his voice. :)

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