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Monday, September 09, 2013

30 Songs {#15}

Red & Black.  The song of worlds about to dawn and despair and the dark of ages past.  This song is probably in my top five favorite Les Mis songs mainly because of the barricade boys.  The 10thAC is probably the worst version, when it comes to the barricade boys (is it just me, or do they all look way to old?), bu the 25thAC and the movie pretty much tie.  More on that in a bit...  I like how Enjolras and Marius sing their lines to the same tune, but totally different lyrics.  Enjolras is inspiring everyone, and Marius is entertaining everyone =)

Red!  The blood of angry men.
Black!  The dark of ages past.
Red!  A world about to dawn.
Black!  The night that ends at last.
Red! I feel my soul on fire.
Black!  My world if she's not there.
Red!  The color of desire.
Black!  The color of despair.

The movie would be my favorite version if it weren't for the fact that so much of it was cut out.  There was a little clip in a featurette that had Courfeyrac singing "Students, workers, everyone..."  WHY WAS THAT NOT IN THE MOVIE?!  And some of Enjolras' lines were cut as well (how dare they?).  The 25th would be my favorite version if it weren't for the fact that Nick Jonas was Marius.  The awesomeness that is Enjolras and Grantaire in the 25th almost make up for it, but not quite.  If I had to go with one version, I would have to say the 25th wins.  But only by a fraction.

On a side note, this is the 15th song, which means we're half-way through the 30 Songs blog series.  It's gone so fast...

What's your favorite version of Red & Black?  What songs do you think I'll feature next?


Catie Dunlap said...

I believe that someone made a video of the 25thAC "Red and Black," but they removed the offensive Jonas presence and replaced it with Michael Ball. Now THAT's how it's done. :)

Miss Jane Bennet said...

I saw that video! It was rather funny...:D
We're halfway done?! Boy, has the time gone fast. By the way, I noticed you took the button for Celebrate Musicals Week- have you decided what musical you're going to do? :)
I loooove this song- it's the barricade boys! What more needs to be said?

Anonymous said...

I love Red and Black. My favorite version is the movie version. I'm going to guess "One Day More" for your next song.
~Hannah S.

Miss Jane Bennet said...

*Slaps forehead* How could I have missed your comment on YAPDB? Sorry. :)

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