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Friday, September 27, 2013

Celebrate Musicals Week: My Les Miserables Ships

Most accurate post about fandoms. Ever.
So true.
When my obsession with Les Miserables first started, I knew nothing about 'ships'.  I hadn't started a board for the show on Pinterest, my computer filter blocked tumblr (it still does), and besides a couple of blogging friends, I didn't know that anyone else was really interested in Les Mis like I was.  But then I created a board on Pinterest and started pinning Les Mis-related pins like crazy and I discovered that there was actually a fandom completely devoted to Les Mis.  I didn't know what any of the language meant like 'brick', 'ship' or 'OTP' (One True Pairing), but people kept throwing around the word 'ship' so much, that I looked it up online.  Even after I discovered what the word (both noun and verb) meant, I didn't do much about it besides ship the obvious - Cosette and Marius.

And then...I saw an pin promoting 'Enjonine' - Enjolras/Eponine - and I fell in love with the idea.  I gushed over the ship with some fangirl friends, and even went so far as to write some fan-fiction about the pair.  But the awesomeness really started when I began to create my own ships.  Now, some pairings I've seen are just plain silly.  Enjolras and Cosette?  Seriously?  Or what about the dumbest one ever...Enjolras and Fantine.  What?  That makes no sense at all.  I don't know how they do it.

Anyway, here's a list of all my Les Mis ships and my reasons for each...

GAH...these two are perfection together! <3
My biggest ship, the one that I obsess the most over is Enjonine.  It's got huge support in the fandom (tied with E/R, I think), and it really is a gorgeous ship.  Now, I couldn't ever see Enjolras and Eponine from the brick falling in love because 1) Enjolras is really, really stern and 'head in the game' - even more so than the musical, which is why I ship Entria (Enjolras/Patria) in the brick and 2) Eponine is so...rough, that I couldn't see her with Marius, much less Enjolras.  But in the musical, both of their characters are slightly softened.  Plus, the film gives us so many amazing Enjonine moments that it's kind of hard not to ship them.  The one in the picture above is probably the biggest one, but there's so many others as well.  If you want a complete list, just comment and I'll be more than happy to share them all.

Eponine needs someone to watch over her.  Not someone like Marius, who always has his head in the clouds, but someone firm and dedicated like Enjolras.  I think they would go well together because Eponine really is a strong, brave woman, and that's the kind of person Enjolras would need behind him.  Not like Cosette who's way to flighty for Enjolras.

Hugh Jackman as Jean Verljean and Anne Hathaway as Fantine from the new Les Mis movie
Faljean is one of the most hotly debated ships in the fandom.  It divides the fans into two groups (don't all the ships?) - those who love it and ship it ardently, and those who hate it and shoot it down every chance they get.  I used to belong to the hate it group because I honestly couldn't see Valjean and Fantine together.  He's about twenty-five years older than her when they meet, and, really, there's nothing in the brick to back it up (actually, there's nothing in the brick to back up any of my ships - but I still keep them).

And then the 2012 film came out and made me a huge fan of Faljean.  Because there's hardly any age difference in the film, and the lines in Fantine and Valjean's respective deaths really spoke to me as being appropriate for a Faljean ship, and, yeah.  I was hooked.  Again, I can't ship brick Valjean and Fantine, but for the movie/musical?  Definitely.  Someone on Pinterest suggested that what should've happened in Les Mis, is that Fantine survived and when Valjean went to get Cosette from the Thenardiers, he also 'bought' Eponine, Azelma, Gavroche and the two little boys (because the Thenardiers didn't care about them, you know), and he took them back to Fantine and they got married and took care of all the children :)  I should write a fan-fic about that...

Okay...I know I'm probably going to get a lot of 'hate' for pinning this, but I think Jehan and Cosette make an adorable couple and they've become a new ship obsession for me.  I'm already planning some fan free to get some [friendly] comment wars started :)
Okay, you've got to admit that this ship is just plain cute.  I mean, look at them.  Even though I'll always prefer Marius and Cosette as a couple, I really, really like Cehan as well.  I've written/planned a couple of fan-fics for them, based more on Jehan's unrequited love for Cosette, than both of them falling in love with each other.  My novella length story about Jehan (which I really need to actually write), will probably include some Cehan shipping.  Well, not probably.  It will.  I'll most likely use the smaller piece I wrote and posted one here for that part.

Some people ship Jehan with Eponine and Cosette with Enjolras, but I prefer Jehan/Cosette.  They're both really perfect for each other - they like flowers, music, poetry, nature and as for Jehan's brave side, well, Victor Hugo said that Cosette was 'wild and brave at heart'.  I think this ship is actually the most plausible of the three.

And there you have it - my three Les Mis ships.  I also ship Couzelma (Courfeyrac/Azelma), but I haven't full thought that ship out and my reasons for it, so I'll probably just do a separate post on them later :)

Who do you ship in Les Mis?  Do we share any of the same ships?


Miss Jane Bennet said...

YES! Shipping happens to be awesome, IMO. :)
(And hehehe...that picture is so true. :D)
Let's see...well, I most certainly ship Enjonine. Faljean, though...well, yeah, definitely not brick. I haven't thought about using the musical characters, though; I think I like this ship.
Cehan...well, you know my sentiments on that, right? I start out with Cehan and end with Jehan falling in love with someone else. <3
It looks like we have a lot of the same ships, and you convinced me about musical Faljean. :)

Una Mariah said...

Ah, the baffling world of shipping and OTPs. XD I actually have no romantic ships for Les Mis...I do have a lot of bro-ships however. :) Jehan and Courferyac, Lesgle and Joly, and (musical) Grantaire and Enjolras. :) Most of my 'ships' are based on the book. :)

Beth Claire said...

The first time I was introduced to the story of Les Mis-watching the film I actually thought "that poor Eponine girl would end up getting together with the hot blonde revolutionary guy". I was of course quite shocked when they both died! I think it's a really sweet idea. But yes, only with the musical characters. I cannot imagine the book characters!
Have you seen the 199? version of Les Mis with Liam Neeson? That has a little bit of Fantine/Valjean. Personally I couldn't stand it, mainly because it took so much time out of the movie that so many things that actually happened in the book didn't make it into the movie. (for instance, entire characters such as Eponine, Thenardier and Enjolras were pretty much absent. In fact even Marius was pretty much absent, he wasn't very Mariusish).

I'd love to see this list of Enjonine moments? I had no idea...
That picture is gorgeous!
I wonder if Tom Hooper realised we would read so much into his film, haha.
Beth xxx

Maribeth B said...

I could definitely ship Fantine/Valjean in the musical/movie--and even in the book! I wish she'd survived and they could've raised Cosette together. Fantine might've had a completely different view on Cosette and Marius' relationship than Valjean and that could've created some interesting tension, or helped Valjean see it from a better point of view than "Oh no, I'm losing my daughter--I can't let it happen!!"

And hey, there have been stranger things than marriages with a 25-year age difference ;)

Sierra Bailey said...

Ah, Enjonine. You know my sentiments on this obviously, but I just had to fangirl over them in a comment. Can we just all agree that we owe Top Hooper so much for giving us all those Enjonine moments in the movie? Because they're flawless. And Enjonine has broken my heart, but its probably the best ship that a fandom has ever come up with and they're perfect together and they should exist in the brick.

Eva said...

@Beth - okay, here's the list...

1). Eponine looking at Enjolras during 'Paris-Look Down'(some people may think she was looking at Marius, but I don't ;)
2). The melt-worthy look at the cafe Musain where Enjolras really looks at Eponine for the first time
3). During 'One Day More', there's a small scene at the end where they're all singing 'ONE DAY MOOOOORE!' where it looks like Eponine is looking up at Enjolras standing in the cafe (it's super-short, though)
4). When Enjolras is singing 'There are ways that a people can fight...', Eponine is shown very clearly looking at him
5). And, of course, Enjolras crying when Eponine dies and helping to lift her body

Yeah, I guess you could say we read too much into this =)

Anonymous said...

Ah, ships!! I love ships!!! My favorite has to be Cehan, followed closely by Enjonine. Faljean... I'm not too sure about that one yet!!! :)
~Hannah S.

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