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Tuesday, September 03, 2013

My Birthday

*I don't have Birthdays. I level up! Happy Birthday quote

September is my birthday month (I can't give you the exact day - sorry) and I thought that for the first time in the history of this blog, I'd write a post in celebration of it, with a list of things I've done that are noteworthy (at least to me), and a mini-bucket list for the following year.  Let the fun begin!

{read the Bible through in a month}

This was huge.  It was exhilarating, fun, interesting, exhausting, and so much more.  My favorite book of the Bible is still II Samuel (I'm not exactly sure why, it just is), followed by Ruth, Esther, Psalms and John.  It's rather hard to pick a favorite though :)  I probably wouldn't have done this challenge for quite a long time (I'm such a procrastinator), but when I got the idea for this post a couple of months ago, I realized that I'd better do this challenge if I wanted to include it in this post (funny how that works).  I'm so glad I did.

{discovered two new musicals}

The Scarlet Pimpernel and A Tale of Two Cities.  I actually have only listened to two songs in TSP, but I am going to listen to more someday.  As for AToTc...well, from the first few minutes of watching it, I fell completely in love with the musical (I already knew the story, so that probably helped as well).  I can only think of a couple of songs in it that aren't gorgeous and spine-tingling, which is a great compliment.  And it also has the distinction of having that one line that always brings me to tears (and no, I'm not sharing it here.  That's private information and if I told you, I'd have to kill you afterwards =) )

{discovered The Scarlet Pimpernel}

This is not to be taken lightly.  On January 11th, 2013, I was sucked into the world of TSP with a very traumatic initiation - staying up till three o'clock in the morning reading the first book and El Dorado and sobbing my eyes out over both of them.  I was wrecked for the day.  Anyway, after that I quickly downloaded all the books onto my Kindle and read them with supersonic speed.  I can't tell you how much I love the books, the hero, and pretty much everything else surrounding the elusive pimpernel.


I have several things to say that fall under the category of writing, so I'm just giving them a general heading.  I wrote 63,000 words in my first novel which, in my opinion, is absolutely amazing.  I love seeing the words pile up.  I'm getting so close to the ending of the first draft...the next chapter will have the proposal, and then I'll write the duel and the deaths of at least two characters.  This will be interesting.  And I promise to post snippets when I'm done.  I also wrote a 4,000 word story in just two and a half hours.  I co-wrote a musical (it was crazy fun and I love every moment of it - even if it was a bit labour-intensive) and also starting co-writing a book based on the premise of the main character falling in love with the reader.  I may write a post about that some day as well.

{started reading Shakespeare}

I've always meant to do this, but it wasn't until a month ago that I really dived into the world of Shakespeare.  I started with Romeo & Juliet and moved on to several other of his works.  Right now I've stalled when it comes to reading more because I'm really busy, but I hope to read some more soon.  Especially Hamlet.  For some reason, I've always been intrigued by the story.

{watched several films on my bucket list}

I ticked several movies off my list and with the exception of one, I've loved them all.  BBC Robin Hood (we only have four episodes left in season three.  In a way, I can't wait to watch all of them, but I'm also sad because we'll be done.  Finished.  And I sort of don't want to leave.), Fireproof (wow.  That film was so good.), War Horse (again, I loved it), Courageous (loved that one!), Beveryly Lewis' The Confession (this was the one that was meh.  Typical Hallmark Channel.), and...saving the best for last...Les Miserables 2012 (need I say anything?)

{made three awesome friends}

Sierra, Miss Jane Bennet and Anne-Girl.  In that order.  Sierra and I became friends several months ago when she commented on a few of my Les Mis pins on Pinterest.  We struck up a friendship based on our mutual love of Les Miserables but it branched out from there.  We've grown so close, especially over the past few weeks, and we're trying to work out a plan for her to come and see me sometime soon.  

Miss Jane Bennet (obviously not her real name, but I've promised not to reveal what it actually is) asked me for help designing her blog a couple of weeks ago and after I did that, we started emailing each other about Les Mis (again!), Jane Austen and so many other things.  I've had the privilege of introducing her to BBC's Robin Hood (she's still trying to persuade her family to watch it, but I've sent her a few clips.  Mostly of Will Scarlet.) and we've had some awesome moments together.

I've known of Anne-Girl for a long time (I follow her blog and leave an occasional comment), but we'd hardly ever emailed each other until she sent out an email, asking me if I would be willing to beta-read A Legend of Honesty.  I said yes, and after I read it (and sent her several emails using all-caps regarding the fate of a certain character), she asked if we could be friends.  And I said yes :)  We've only exchanged a handful of emails (so far), but I love talking about writing and the writer's life with her.

Okay, if you've made it to here without giving up, have some virtual chocolate.  You deserve it. 

yes chocolate does help! It releases endorphins in the body, also known as the happy hormone, more happy = less pain!!

I promise to be brief with my bucket list.
  • Publish my novel
  • Write its sequel during NaNo (and finally win the challenge)
  • Write more poetry
  • Write all the fan-fiction/short stories I have planned out
  • Reach 100 followers
  • Meet at least one blogging friend
  • Host another blog party
  • Read the Bible through in a week
  • Watch/read more films/books on my bucket list
  • Discover a new musical to love (suggestions?  And no, I'm not allowed to watch/read POTO, or believe me, I'd have done it already)
  • Leave random notes in library and/or bookstore books
  • Throw a surprise party
And just because I want to end this post with a random photo that I love...

Tomorrow came.


Jessica Greyson said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MONTH!!!!!!!! :D Hope you have a SPECTACULAR DAY!!!!! (whenever it is! :D) Your lists are so much fun, lots of wonderful things to accomplish!

Miss Jane Bennet said...

Happy birthday!!! I sang "Happy Birthday" even though you couldn't hear it. :)
Have a wonderful birthday and an even better year!

Anonymous said...



P.S. I have a musical for you. It's called "Daddy Long Legs," and it's based off the book by Jean Webster, and it's awesome. : ) The link to the playlist is below. Read a spoiler-free synopsis beforehand just so you know what it's about before you start listening and are confused. Email me to let me know what you think if you ever listen to it! (Wow. My PS is longer than my actual comment. lol....)

Eva said...

Awwwww, thanks, gals! You made my day :) And, Eowyn, I'll definitely be checking out that musical.

Beth Claire said...

Happy Birthday! I love Shakespeare, the favourite play I've read so far is Much Ado About Nothing, followed soon after by R&J.
New musical? Well there are lots of great "vintage" musicals, My Fair Lady being my favourite, followed soon after by West Side Story.
"Me and My Girl" is a great musical set in London in the 1800s-1900s (not really sure),I saw it quite a while ago. But I remember it being fantastic.
Another one being Evita-there is a great film of that. It's quite sad though.
Love, Beth

Sierra Bailey said...

Happy birthday 'month' Eva! I feel absolutely honored you mentioned me in your post and I'm so glad we've become such good friends.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday month, Eva!!!!
~Hannah S.

Eliza said...

Happy birthday! And seeing Les Mis as a live play is phenomenal - so happy for you! Are you seeing a local production or a more major one?

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