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Wednesday, October 09, 2013

30 Songs {#10}

This song is pure gorgeousness.  I love the opening notes (as someone I know once said, "The music of Les Mis is just as powerful as the lyrics.  The first notes of On My Own always makes me cry") and the lyrics are so beautiful (tragically beautiful, which seems to by the Les Mis style).  It's the most famous solo, after Bring Him Home and I Dreamed A Dream, and it completely deserves that.  I've always liked the part where Eponine admits she loves Marius the best ("I love him, but when the night is over...") but another favorite is the first two verses that were cut from the film.

And now I'm all alone again,
Nowhere to turn, no-one to go to.
Without a home, without a friend, without a face to say hello to.
And now the night is near.
Now I can make believe he's here.

Sometimes I walk alone at night when everybody else is sleeping.
I think of him and then I'm happy with the company I'm keeping.
The city goes to bed,
And I can live inside my head.

The best version of this song goes to Samantha Barks (movie), followed closely by Lea Salonga's performance in the 10thAC.  I love how the movie's version is quieter than any other I've heard, but Samantha still manages to get the emotion and power of the words across very well.  It's one of my most listened to iPod tracks.

What are your favorite lines in this song?  What's the best rendition you've heard/seen?


Anonymous said...

Oh goodness. <3 So much bittersweetness and poignancy in three minutes. Gosh, my favorite line... uh... the whole thing, right? ;)

Miss Jane Bennet said...

Gack, I looove this song. (As you well know. *coughraincough*) My favorite version is definitely Sam's (movie) as well- it always makes me cry. But Lea Salonga did a wonderful job as well. She can make me believe the pavements are "shining like silver"- even though there aren't any pavements. :D
Let's still have DWM to go, and possibly "Never Say Goodbye" as ISTL. It's so fun to guess! :)

Eva said...

@Peregrin - You described the song perfectly :) And, yeah, the whole thing is pretty much my favorite ;)

@Jane - I pretty much guessed you loved this song after our recent email conversation ;) And all three of those songs will be featured pretty soon, along with six others (I can't believe there's only nine more posts left!).

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