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Tuesday, October 01, 2013

30 Songs {#12}

With the possible exception of Defying Gravity, I Dreamed A Dream is musical theatre's best known song, and with good reason.  After Susan Boyle was catapulted into fame with her rendition of the song, almost everyone started noticing it and loving it.  There are several videos on Youtube that compare different versions of this song, and there have been many hot debates over who gives the best performance (more on that in a minute).  I believe that part of the song's success is due to it's beautiful, heartwrenching lyrics and gorgeous orchestration.  The sweep of the music after "And there are storms we cannot weather" always, always gives me chills.  As for the lyrics...they are perfect for Fantine's story.  One verse in particular is my favorite.

And still I dream he'll come to me,
That we will live the years together.
But there are dreams that cannot be,
And there are storms we cannot weather.

I don't think there's any question over who gives the best performance of this song.  Anne Hathaway wins hands down, in my opinion (and many others).  The passionate heartbreak, despair, and longing she pours into this song is mind-blowing.  One of the best scenes in the entire film.  My second favorite version of I Dreamed A Dream, is this one.  Yes, I know it's a guy singing it, but the new lyrics/orchestration work well with his voice, so I'm happy.

What is your favorite line from this song?  Who's version is the best?


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, I love your blog! :) You've got yourself a new follower now. :) And... I LOVE Les Miserables. "I Dreamed a Dream" is so beautiful, so poignant... Oh goodness. My favorite line "There was a time when love was blind, and the world was a song, and the song was exciting." Oh Fantine. I feel for you so.
Have a great day! Keep up the awesomesness. <3

Eva said...

Thanks for following! I'm so glad you like my blog/this post :) I really love that line as well; I always think it's one of the most poetic lines in the whole song. "Now life has killed the dream I dreamed..." is also another big favorite of mine.

Miss Jane Bennet said...

I've been wondering when this song would show up...I love it! Anne Hathaway's version is so gorgeous and heartbreaking, and I LOVE Ramin's version. (And I also love that he changed the "he" to "she"- my mom was really disgusted when she found out that a guy was singing IDAD, but I finally listened to it and I was so glad that he changed it so it wouldn't be so inappropriate.:))

Shannon said...

Hello! :-)
Just wanted to pop by to let you know that I have nominated you for an award on my blog - here is the link to check it out! :-)
I hope you have a fabulous day!
God bless,

Jillian said...

I love your blog and am now following! :) This song is wonderful. It gives me chills every time I hear it. I agree that Anne Hathaway gave a wonderful performance in the movie.

Eva said...

Thanks for the follow! I always like to 'meet' fellow Les Mis fans :)

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