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Saturday, October 26, 2013

30 Songs {#7-#2)

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So, you may be wondering what's up with the title of this post - '30 Songs {#7-#2} - but I can explain.  While the 30 Songs blog series has been tremendous fun, it's also stopped me from writing other posts that are different topics (although I've done quite a few of those) and the list just keeps growing.  There are about a gazillion film reviews I want to write, as well as getting the Queen Mother review written before I forget every single thing about it and have to read it over again (not that I don't want to, but I already have so many books on my to-read list).  And other posts about random things, like my writing.  So, this post will have mini-reviews of the next six songs in the list, with what I like about them, my favorite lyrics and favorite version.  I am letting the very last song have it's own post - it's way to special to be given a mini-review.
  • {#7} Let Her Be A Child - This song, from A Tale Of Two Cities: The Musical (gorgeous, gorgeous musical.  I highly recommend it), is one of my absolute favorites.  Charles is in prison, and Sydney still isn't quite sure about his plan, and the two of them sing a duet about little Lucie (or older Lucie - I'm never sure which it is), entrusting her to God, and praying that He will 'let her be a child, for now'.  It's beautifully tearjerking.  Oh, and speaking of tearjerking, the little reprise of 'Now I lay me down to sleep...' made me cry so hard when I first watched the concert.  Still does, actually.  Favorite lyrics: For now save her the sorrow, for now save her the tears.  Save grief for somewhere years away, just not today; not here.  Favorite version:  Having only heard/watched the concert version with James Barbour and Simon Thomas would obviously have to be my favorite.  But it's really good in it's own right, so even if I'd heard other versions, I'd still love that one.
  • {#6} Into The Fire - Oh.  Wow.  This song is the only one I've listened to from The Scarlet Pimpernel musical, besides Madame Guillotine, and I love it more than I can say.  It's Sir Percy's theme song, and what an epic one it is.  I always get chills while listening to it, and it's actually rather addicting (as in, I could listen to it a dozen times in a row and I wouldn't get tired of it).  I like how it starts out slow and then builds up to an amazing finish.  Favorite lyrics: David walked into the valley, with a stone clutched in his hand.  He was only a boy, but he knew someone must take a stand.  There will always be the valley, always mountains one must scale.  There will always be perilous waters which someone must sail.  Favorite version: I've only listened to the Original Broadway Cast Recording, and I really like it (there's always something so satisfying about the OBCRs for any musical).
  • {#5} If Dreams Came True - All the songs in A Tale Of Two Cities are breathtaking, and If Dreams Came True is no exception.  I really can't express my love for this song, mostly because it really is indescribable.  The scope of it, for one, defies explanation because it covers about seven or eight years in about five minutes.  I love that.  At the moment I can't think of any other song I've ever known that does that, and it's so cool.  And Sydney's lines are some of the most beautiful in the entire show.  Also, this song also has the distinction of having that one line that will reduce me to a puddle of tears every. single. time.  And I'm not telling what it is.  Favorite lyrics: If dreams came true, I might have been a better man.  If dreams came true, you might have set me free.  But God is kind, for you he had a better plan.  And saved you from the pain of loving me.  Favorite version: I'm beginning to sound like a broke record, but, again, I've only seen one version of this song (the concert), so that would have to be my favorite.  But really, I couldn't see any other cast performing this song better.
  • {#4} Stars - I had the hardest time deciding whether this song should go in fourth place or second, 'cause I really love it just as much as Drink With Me, but, you know, DWM is sung by the barricade boys, so that's why it's nearer the top.  But this song  It's one of my absolute favorite songs to listen to, and I'm very picky about how it's sung.  In my opinion, only three Javerts have really sung it in the right way.  Phillip Quast (who is my personal favorite - both for this version of the song, and his portrayal as Javert), Russell Crowe (okay, his version was different from any other Javert, but I loved it) and Earl Carpenter (when I went to see Les Miserables live, I was in awe of his rendition of Stars.  It was a.m.a.z.i.n.g.).  It's so beautiful - the lyrics, the orchestration, everything.  And sad, as well.  It always makes me cry at least a little bit.  Favorite lyrics: Stars, in your multitudes.  Scare to be counted.  Filling the darkness, with order and light.  You are the sentinels, silent and sure.  Keeping watch in the night.  Keeping watch in the night.  Favorite version:  As I said above, Phillip Quast's 10thAC performance was the best.  Total perfection.
  • {#3} Never Say Goodbye [go to 2:35 in the video to watch it] - The only word I have to describe this song is gorgeous.  And exquisite.  In Les Mis, the word that crops up most often is 'epic', but when I talk about AToTC, 'gorgeous' constantly slips into my gushings.  That's because it truly is gorgeous.  If only it would come back to Broadway/the West End.  *sigh*  Anyway, about this song...LOVE IT.  I think my favorite thing about it is the orchestration.  It's sweeping and beautiful and perfect for the song, and for Lucie.  Never Say Goodbye was actually written specifically for the concert (I think), and the song it replaced was called Without A Word, also excellent (but not as good).  I found that interesting.  Favorite lyrics: I can't find the lyrics to this song anywhere and I don't know it well enough to quote it from memory, but I'll just say that the chorus is my favorite part, and leave it at that.  I like the rest of it, but the chorus is the best part.  Favorite version: As this was performed only in the concert, Brandi Burkhardt's rendition is the only one I've seen.  She did a stellar job.
  • {#2} Drink With Me - Where do I begin with this song?  I obviously love it, since it almost made it to the top, but it really goes deeper than that.  I crave this song.  Which means I have to listen to it at least once a day (either movie, or 25thAC), or it just doesn't feel right.  I've gotten that way with a few songs, most recently being Never Say Goodbye and Ramin Karimloo's version of I Dreamed A Dream, and now it's gone to Drink With Me.  This song has always touched me for many reasons, one of which being, it's the last song the barricade boys all sing together and it's so full of meaning and friendship and...yeah.  Turns me into a mess every time.  It's sad and beautiful and, just...I really can't explain it.  And Grantaire's bit is tragic.  Realllly tragic.  Favorite lyrics: Drink with me, to days gone by.  Can it be you fear to die?  Will the world remember you when you fall?  Can it be your death means nothing at all?  Is your life just one more lie?  Favorite version:  Without a doubt, the 25th wins.  I mean, the movie was really good, but they cut so much of it, it kind of wasn't good anymore.  But the 25th has all the lines, great barricade boys, and lots of tension between Enjolras and Grantaire.  Honestly, it was really brick-accurate.  And I love accuracy to the book.
Which of these songs is your favorite?  What do you think the number one song will be?

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Miss Jane Bennet said...

Ooh, fun! We're almost at the end...this has been a lot of fun. :)
Loooove all these songs, especially DWM- such a wonderful, touching, tragic song. It makes me cry every time I hear it.
I actually listened to NSG a few days ago with my parents, and I almost burst into was so gorgeous. My parents loved it too, I think. of my favoritest songs EVER. Philip Quast is the one and only Javert, IMO. He is just so good and completely inhabits the role of Javert.'
IDCT is so gorgeous and heartbreaking...I'm starting to sound like a broken record here. :P
Ooh, Into the Fire! Love this song! It's so inspiring and it's definitely completely, utterly Percy-ish. :)
LHBAC- yesssss. Love this one too! Very tearjerking. :*)
Can't wait to hear what the first one is! I'll miss this series, but I'm glad you'll be doing other things too. :)

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