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Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Excellent quote from "A Tale of Two Cities."
I've been immersing myself in A Tale Of Two Cities lately...

This is another one of those random posts, mostly because we're so close to Robin Hood Week (eep!), that I didn't feel like a writing a big topical post and then have it get buried with all the Robin Hood posts.  But I did want to do something (I really should be writing right now, but I just felt led to write this post, so I am.  It's not often I get that kind of feeling, so I thought I'd follow it just for tonight), hence this post.  Firstly, I want to give you a big list of movies that I'm planning to review in the nearish future, just to whet your appetite.
  • BBC's Robin Hood - this will be published during Robin Hood Week.  Usually I find it hard to write reviews about something so big, but it all came together quite easily this time.  I think it's one of my best film reviews to date.
  • A Tale Of Two Cities Musical - I know that I sort of reviewed this musical back when I had just discovered it, but I want to give it a proper review.  It deserves it.
  • A Tale Of Two Cities 1935 - amazing adaption of the book, even though it was made in the 1930's, and I can't wait to share my thoughts on it with you all.  I'll have a few more details about it later on in this post, but I'll save most of them for my review.
  • Animated Robin Hood (1973) - this was planned for Robin Hood Week, but then Blogger ate my post and I didn't feel like rewriting it, so one of my guest posters stepped in and wrote a review.  I also want to write my own, but that won't be for a while.
  • Four other animated movies - I'm planning on combining reviews of my favorite animated films into one big post, and the ones I'll be featuring (besides Robin Hood) are The Great Mouse Detective, Horton Hears A Who, Puss In Boots, and Tintin.
  • Les Miserables live - technically not a film review, but I'm adding it to this list anyway.
Natalie Toro as Madame Defarge
I recently was able to download the entire soundtrack for A Tale Of Two Cities using one of my library's programs, and I've been listening to it all. the. time.  All the songs are beautiful, stirring, or angry (or all three), and I find several of them rather addictive.  I've been listening to a lot of songs with Madame Defarge, mostly because I think her voice is amazing.  It's not beautiful, at least in the conventional way, but it's so powerful and strong and she's able to belt perfectly, exactly the way it should be done.  And she freaks me out, which you wouldn't think would be conducive to making me like her, but I like to feel emotions when I listen to music.  I mean, 'Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind' is creepy.  The opening music always chills me just a little.  Oh, and speaking of being creeped out, what about that song 'Everything Stays The Same'?  I love it, but in a way I don't.  Or 'The Tale' where Mme. Defarge lets loose all the hate and bitterness that's been building up inside her for twenty-five years.  That song is fierce.

As for the better songs, I've found myself listening to 'Little One' quite a bit, as well as 'Now At Last'.  Gorgeous songs, amazing lyrics, beautiful music.  Absolutely love all of them.  I also liked how there were more things from the book, like 'The Trial' where the ensemble is singing about if there were statues issued to outstanding citizens, Barsad would've had one.  Or in 'Everything Stays The Same', when they actually quote the opening lines of the book (and was anyone else freaked out by the way they chant 'liberty, equality, fraternity, or death' in that low, almost whispered tone?).  

Ronald Colman. A Tale of Two Cities. 1935. Great adaptation and when I saw it I totally got why Colman was the "it" man of his day.
Ronald Colman as Sydney Carton
Speaking of accuracy to the book, the 1935 adaption of AToTC is one of the best book-to-screen adaptions of any piece of classic literature of seen.  Which is quite surprising, since most movies made in that time strayed away from the book in a shameful manner (P&P 1940, anyone?).  I really, really love the 1935 adaption.  The cast is great (especially Sydney...I never thought anyone could come close to James Barbour's performance, but Ronald Colman's portrayal is a really close second), and there were little details throughout the whole thing that followed the book, so I was satisfied.

And then, of course, I've been reading the book for English Lit.  There's several essay questions for each chapter, and I'd probably hate them if it was any other book (even Les Miserables, because the whole thing is so deep), but I don't mind the questions.  It's probably because I've waited so long to read the book, and I don't mind answering questions about character development, plot, metaphors, etc.  It's challenging, in a good way.

Other books I've been reading include The Centurion's Wife by Davis Bunn (I don't usually read novels, since I find they're pretty much all alike, but Davis Bunn is one of my mom's favorite Christian authors, and the premise of the book sounded interesting, so I read it.  It was surprisingly good - probably not a re-read, but I did enjoy it), Princess Academy by Shannon Hale (I'd heard a lot of good things about this book, so when I saw it for sale at the library, I snapped it up and read it in pretty much one sitting.  It is so good; I'll probably write a review for it), and Queen Mother by Anneliese Blakeney (I'm reading this right now, so that it can be fresh in my mind for the review that should've come a while ago.  If you want to pick up a free e-copy of this book, just go here.  Highly recommended).

I'm starting to learn just how true this is.

I've been writing quite a bit lately, and just recently my characters have taken over Torn Hopes and are now telling me what happens next and just what to write.  It's exhilarating because I've heard so many other authors discussing how their charries talk to them all the time and it had never happened to me, but now it has.  Of course, everything's gone totally off the plot I originally had, and it's scary since I'm an organized person and I like to know exactly where I'm going, but I'm sure it'll all work out.  One reason I've been writing so much (I'm already over 10,000 words into the story) because I really want to finish it and get to work on the Vengeance Is Mine trilogy.  I planned out a timeline for the story/backstory today, and my notebook is crammed full with ideas and such.  I can't wait to start writing it, but since it's impossible for me to focus on more than one project at once, I'll just have to wait.  A post about the whole thing should be forthcoming in a little while.

And this is the last thing.  I promise.  I recently discovered the new Emma Approved vlog series, and I love it so far (the first seven episodes have been posted already).  It's basically a modern retelling of Emma, like the Lizzie Bennet Diaries (which I haven't seen, but really should), and it's amazing.  Mr Knightley ('Alex Knightley') is my favorite character - go figure - and even though I don't really care for Emma herself right now, I'm sure she'll improve.  The episodes are only about five minutes long apiece, so it shouldn't take you too long to get caught up.  You'll love it.

Emma Approved - Bernie Su and Hank Green begin another ride into Austen lit.  I loved Lizzy Bennett Diaries so this is going to be just as fantastic!

What movie are you most anxious to see a review for?  Have you watched A Tale Of Two Cities: The Musical?  Have you seen any of the Emma Approved episodes?


Miss Jane Bennet said...

Haha, LOVE that picture. I rather love the quote as well. It's so...deep, somehow. Do you know what I mean? :)
*Squeep* I CANNOT wait until RH Week. It's going to be sooooo much fun!
I'm definitely looking forward to your BBC RH review- I mean, I know you like it (who doesn't?), but it will be interesting to see a full review of it.
Ohhhhh, yes. It deserves it. Very much.
Well, I've watched a few 1930's movies that were very good (and I hear that the '34 Les Mis is the best film adaptation out there- excluding 2012, of course. :P), so I'm not too surprised. I'm looking forward to your review of that too. :)
Ha. Ha. :P I'll be interested in reading your review when you write it and seeing how your opinion compares to mine. ;)
TINTIN!!! Love that movie. :)
Ooh, I know you already did an email about it, but I am sooooo excited to read your post too. :P
Haha, I've been listening to them too! Obviously. Thanks again for sending them! Madame Defarge...I mean, she's angry and bitter and cruel, but her voice is just so powerful and strong and chilling...and she is just such a powerful person in terms of emotions. She always creates a big effect on me.
Ohhhhh, that chant. *Shivers* It was kinda amazing.
Oh, yeah, I forgot you were reading it! Where are you in the book? :)
Oh, I read Princess Academy awhile ago; it *was* really good. I loved it. Queen Mother, of course, was amazing.
The Centurion's Wife...the name sounds familiar, but I can't place it. I'll have to look it up...
That must be so amazing to have that happen. Hopefully I'll get that feeling someday...and now that I know how your story's going, I'm even more anxious to read it. (If that's possible.)
Hmmm...well, I've been interested in the Lizzie Bennet Diaries for awhile, but I'm not sure about it because I *am* something of a JA purist. Not much, but it's there all the same. Emma, though...I would like to watch that. I'll keep it in mind. :)
Haha, I've already answered all those questions in this comment. ;)

Vellvin said...

Can I just say I love both the animated Robin Hood and BBC Robin Hood! They are so cool! :D
Ohhh! Those other animated favourites look like they'll be pretty awesome! i love The Great Mouse Detective, Horton Hears a Who, and Tintin. Can't say I was very impressed with Puss in Boots.
Have you read any of the other books by Shannon Hale? I read Princess Academy, but it is not my favourite of her books.

Robin Hood week should prove to be very enjoyable! :D :D I put the banner up on my blog: right up the top.

God Bless,

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