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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

My Five Favorite Animated Movies

Robin Hood (1973). Brian Bedford, Phil Harris, Peter Ustinov.
This adaption of Robin Hood has always been one of my top favorites, both of animated movies and adaptions of Robin Hood.  One of the things I love most about it is the humor.  There's so many great quotes and the scenes between Prince John and Sir Hiss are comedic gold.  I especially enjoy the one when they're at the tournament grounds, waiting for the actual event to start and talking about their plan to catch Robin Hood (which doesn't work).  The whole tournament sequence is probably my favorite part in the whole movie - from Little John's hilarious disguise to Robin's amazing 'tied-up-hero' moment to Prince John tying Hiss in a knot around a pole, it's amazing and funny.

One thing I like about this film is that the second half is a lot more serious than the first half.  I like heroes that can be funny and witty but then when true danger comes up, they're so brave and serious...that's how it is in this film.  I think the character of Robin is captured really well, but my favorite character portrayal has to be Marian.  As someone on Pinterest once said, she's more of a true princess than the other Disney princesses.  She has a natural grace and warmth about her and she truly cares for her 'subjects'.  I love that.  My favorite character after her would be Sir Hiss, mostly for the comedy of his role.  My face usually hurts from smiling/laughing after I watch this film.  Oh, and I love all the romantic scenes between Robin and Marian, especially after the tournament.  Absolutely gorgeous.

The Great Mouse Detective
Where do I begin?  I really can't explain how much I love this film.  I think the biggest reason is the characters.  See, there are two things, for me, that make or break movies - the characters and the music, and this film does amazingly well on both points.  It's rare that I like the main character(s) the best in any movie or book, but I must say that Basil is my favorite character in The Great Mouse Detective.  He's arrogant, he's annoying, he's even a little mean at times, but I still love seeing him on the screen.  Dawson is great as a companion, and Olivia's fine as well.  Now, as know, a good villain always has to have some measly little assistant with him, and that's played out perfectly with Ratigan and Fidget (the name says it all, doesn't it?).  It's hilarious the way they interact - one of my favorite parts of the whole thing.

The music is another thing I love (unfortunately it's not all on Youtube, but I have found it on Grooveshark where I listen to it a lot).  The main theme is really catchy and both of Ratigan's songs are funny.  I featured 'The World's Greatest Criminal Mind' in the 30 Songs series, and the other one - 'Goodbye, So Soon' is great too.  This film was the first Disney animated that used computer imagery (for the gears inside the Big Ben clock) and it's amazing.  The climax is really adrenaline fueled with Ratigan chasing Basil across the Big Ben tower in the pouring rain.  And I love the ending.  It's so cozy and just...nice.


Dr. Seuss Horton Hears a Who! PosterI'll admit that I had my doubts about watching Horton Hears A Who (as in, I flatly refused to until my parents said we were one night and that was the end of the matter) but that all went away by the first five or ten minutes of it.  And by the end, well, it had jumped onto my list of favorite movies ever.  It's brilliant, witty, clever, and very entertaining (I don't like watching non-entertaining movie.  Obviously.).  The beginning intrigued me because it didn't start out with Horton.  It started out showing how the dust speck started its journey.  Then Horton comes along, with all the other characters...I kind of wish that there had been even more scenes with Whoville than there were.  I liked the mayor as a protagonist even better than Horton and since Jojo is my favorite character (don't ask - my siblings can't believe it either),'s rather obvious.

There are so many great one-liners in the film.  "I feel a diplomatic process beginning to break down."  "Okayyyy...that happened."  "That's beautiful, Katie.  In a...weird...sort of way."  "And best part - I do this all gratis.  That's free, bro."  And, of course, the theme behind the entire movie..."A person's a person, no matter how small."  I love the ending as well.  It's so random and spontaneous.  Always makes me laugh (and cry a teensy, weensy bit).  

Adventures of Tintin [2011]Tintin is another movie that I had serious doubts about.  The books are extremely popular in our house, so I should have been thrilled about the movie, right?  Wrong, apparently.  When my siblings and I first watched it, I was bored.  Incredibly bored.  I watched about twenty minutes of it, left for half an hour, came back, left...etc, etc.  The reason I hated it was that whenever I came back it seemed like nothing had changed.  Fighting, dueling, car chases and so on.  I never got the plot (I didn't even think there was one) so I wasn't interested.  Then, one day when we were looking for a movie to watch and we couldn't find one, we watched Tintin.  This time I actually sat through the whole thing (since I had nothing better to do) and I found that I liked it.  A couple more viewings cemented that idea in my head and now I love it (except the last fifteen minutes or so, where my eyes start to glaze over because of the dueling dock cranes).

The characters in this film are okay.  I mean, I really have no other way to describe them.  I don't feel particularly drawn to any of them, but I don't mind watching them.  One of the funniest scenes in the movie (and the most highly quoted in my family) is when the Thom(p)sons are in Mr Silk's living room where he keeps all his [stolen] wallets.  Observe...
Thompson: "You have to be careful.  There's a pickpocket going around, stealing wallets."
Thomson: "Yes, he'd love this."
Silk: "A pickpocket?"
Thompson: "Yes.  He's a very bad person..."
Silk: "I'm not a bad person!  I'm a kleptomaniac."
Thomson: "What's that?"
Thompson: "Fear of open spaces."
Thomson: "Poor man.  No wonder he keeps all his wallets in the living room."
My favorite part in the movie is the entire sequence of scenes in Bhaggar.  The scenery is gorgeous, I love the opera scene (the track for that is unbelievable) and it's one of the most action packed bits.  Not to mention funny, of course.  Overall, Tintin isn't the very highest movie on my favorite animated movies list, but I do enjoy watching it.

3MOTIVOSPARA… miar com Gato de Botas...
I recently discovered this film, and it's probably my favorite animated film at the moment.  It's got everything - color, drama, action, romance, adventure, great music, funny lines, and an awesome hero.  I wasn't sure what the plot was going to be, but I'm glad the director chose to make the film much broader and more epic in scope than the original story of Puss In Boots.  One of my favorite parts was Puss' backstory, 'cause I always love a good hero backstory and this was one of the best I've seen.  Humorous, touching, and true to what the character is now.  I also liked how bits of other fairy tales/nursery rhymes were slipped into the story - Jack and the Beanstalk, Jack and Jill, Little Boy Blue, Humpty Dumpty...

Just as in The Great Mouse Detective, the hero was my favorite character.  Full of charm, wit, and a dashing heroic streak, Puss is the awesome hero and I loved watching his character develop throughout the movie.  Kitty Softpaws is the typical female companion and even though I did like her, she didn't impress me all that much.  Now, the most complex character was definitely Humpty Alexander Dumpty.  He went from good to bad to good to bad to good.  It got kinda confusing.  But in the end he was good, and that's what really counts.  The scene with him and Puss and the goose right at the end was wayyyyy more dramatic than I would have expected.  I was thinking, "This is a kid's movie.  They definitely won't do what I think potentially could happen" and then it happened and I was in a state of semi-shock.  It was really sad (not Les Miserables sad, of course, but bad enough).

Before I close this off, let me do a little note on one of the cats in the place where Puss and Kitty do the dance fight.  It's the nameless cat who says "Ohhhhh..." to pretty much anything surprising (go to 5:09 in this video to see the cat do it for the first time).  It was really funny the first couple of times, but when the film ends with Puss and Kitty kissing and it did that...the term 'hysterical laughter' doesn't even begin to cover it (go to 1:40 in this video to see it there).  I'm grinning just thinking about it.  Oh...last thing...there's a fifteen minute sequel to the film on Youtube that you have to see (that is, if you've already seen the film).  It's the most adorable thing ever.

Have you seen any of these movies before?  What did you think of my reviews?


Miss Jane Bennet said...

You know my sentiments on Robin Hood. IT'S AWESOME THE END. ;)
...And I know what you mean about your face hurting from laughing too much; I usually have the beginnings of a stomach-ache as well. ;)
Great Mouse Detective...goodness, I actually can't remember if I've seen that or not. I'll have to try to see it again. :)
Ohhhh, yes. Horton is hilarious! That movie just makes me feel good.
Tintin! Yes. Yes, indeed. The dueling dock cranes scene is a bit...I don't know, but my eyes do glaze over. :P The whole scene with the opera is just sooo funny, and heehee, that quote is used quite often in our family as well.
Hmmm...Puss in Boots. Well, my parents actually decided not to watch it due to inappropriate content. I would like to see it sometime, though...
Great choices, m'dear! :)

Eva said...

Hmmmmmm....I can't really think of anything *that* inappropriate in Puss In Boots besides some flirting/tango dancing between Puss and Kitty. And there's a rock song at the end.

Jennifer said...

Love "Robin Hood" and "Horton Hears a Who" (except for the "pouchschooling" mom being the meany). "Tintin" is okay. Maybe I just haven't sat through the whole thing in one sitting to appreciate it. Ditto for "The Great Mouse Detective". "Puss in Boots" was enjoyable, but again I don't think I was able to just sit through it - the joys of being a mom. :)

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