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Saturday, November 02, 2013

Robin Hood Week: Character Tournament {Round 1}


This tournament is a little different from the others, mainly because there's so many different versions and adaptions of Robin Hood and several different portrayals of any given character.  I'm just putting the names of the main characters in the polls, and not specifying an particular version that they're from, so you can just decide which version(s) you're going to use to vote.  For instance, with the Guy vs. Sheriff poll, you could be thinking of the books, and vote for the Sheriff, or you could be thinking of the BBC adaption and you could vote for Guy.  Whichever version/adaption is your favorite, go for it! (I hope I explained all that properly...)  These are the five polls for Round 1.
  • Robin/Marian
  • Little John/Allan a Dale
  • Will Scarlet/Will Stutely
  • Much/Friar Tuck
  • Guy/Sheriff
Have fun voting!



Miss Jane Bennet said...

Haha, strange to say, I actually only used the BBC version while voting for Robin/Marian (Marian). For the rest, I used the Howard Pyle version. I didn't use the animated version even once, for some reason.

Sierra Bailey said...

Allan a Dale
Will Scarlet

Ugh, why did you make these so hard?

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