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Thursday, November 07, 2013

Robin Hood Week: Character Tournament {Round 3}


I woke up sick this morning and with absolutely no inclination to write the review of the BBC Robin Hood soundtrack that I'd been planning for today, so the only post for today will be this one :(  Sorry about that.  But I hope to end Robin Hood Week with a bang tomorrow, so there'll be several posts to make up for today.  And now on to the polls...

Round 2 Winners (in bold)

  • Much/Little John
  • Will Scarlet/Robin/Guy
Round 3 Poll
  • Much/Will Scarlet
Annnnnd...I pretty much know who's going to win ;)



Miss Jane Bennet said...

GO WILL SCARLET!! Haha, I kind of wanted Little John to win, but it doesn't matter 'cause Will the Awesome is going to win no matter what. ;P
Sorry you're sick- I hope you're feeling better soon! :)

Anonymous said...

GO WILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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