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Sunday, November 03, 2013

Robin Hood Week: Different Adaptions

The Fox Robin Hood. An animal personification of the trickster motif.

There are tons of different Robin Hood movie adaptions and spin-offs and I today I bring you mini-reviews on the four I've seen (I've seen the Disney 'real people' adaption, but it was so long ago that I hardly remember a thing.  So I'm not including it).  I'll be rating them from between 1 and 10 like I've done with my other mini-movie review posts.  Enjoy!

  • Errol Flynn (1938) - When I was younger, my siblings and I used to watch this adaption all the time.  "Hey, guys, mom said we could watch a movie - what should we watch?"  "Why don't we watch Robin Hood?"  "Yeah!  That's a good idea!"  I must've seen it over a dozen times over the years (along with the movie-musical of Oliver! and Treasure of the Sierra Madre), so even though I haven't watched it recently, I still remember most of it.  It follows the typical story of Robin Hood pretty well and it's a typical 'olden days' movie with lots of color, action, witty lines, and just the right touch of romance (old movies really are the best).  I personally don't really like Errol Flynn's Robin that much, for some reason (odd, because it's probably his most famous role), but Will Scarlet is amazing, even though he only has a small part.  Guy is kind of old, the sheriff is more comic relief than anything (not a threat at all), but Prince John is a really good, evil villain.  Maid Marian is okay, but she isn't the Marian I picture when I read the book.  Overall, the characters in this book are not portrayed in the greatest way, but the plot, music (oh, yes, I forgot - the music is amazing and heroic and absolutely perfect for Robin Hood), and action make up for it.  Rating - 7/10
  • BBC Show (1953) - Yes, BBC, did produce a Robin Hood series in the 50's.  They've much improved since then ;)  I remember watching a few of these episodes when I was really, really little and one of them - The Thorkil Ghost - completely freaked me out.  I was absolutely terrified of the 'ghost' in that episode and when I recently rewatched it, to see exactly what I'd been scared of, I have to admit that it was rather creepy.  As much as I remember of this adaption, it wasn't all that good.  I mean, it's in black and white, it's very 'stagey', and since each episode is only about twenty-five minutes long (or less), the plots aren't very well developed.  The theme song is extremely catchy, by the way.  I still remember it from all those years back.  Rating - 3/10
  • Disney Animated (1973) - This adaption of Robin Hood is pure comedic (and heroic) gold.  When I was about six or seven ( seems that I watched different versions of Robin Hood a lot when I was younger), I loved watching this film.  I believe it was my introduction to amazing heroes, and I adored Robin.  He was the first hero that I truly liked and I couldn't get enough of this movie.  It's interesting to watch films from your younger childhood when you're older because 1) you get all the subtle humor that just went over your head when you were younger and 2) it's fun to see what you remember and what you don't.  I recently discovered the whole thing on Youtube (linked up above) and watched it two times in a row, laughing over the funny lines (and let me tell you, this film has a treasure trove of them) and still loving Robin.  I mean, he has his funny moments, which is great, but when he has hero moments, those are even better.  After the archery tournament, the movie gets a lot darker, in my opinion (as dark as a kid's Disney film can get), but I still like it.  My only real complaint is that they didn't include Will Scarlet in the cast.  Now, that would've been cool.  Rating - 9/10
  • BBC Show (2006) - How can I ever put all my thoughts on this amazing show into one little mini-review?  Simple answer - I can't.  Which is why I'm devoting an entire post tomorrow to a review of BBC's epic adaption of Robin Hood.  I loved all of it.  Even season 3 *gasp*  But, I'll leave all my other thoughts for the big review.  Rating - 10/10
What's your favorite film adaption of Robin Hood?


Miss Jane Bennet said...

The only adaptations I've seen are the animated and 2006 BBC ones. I've always been rather curious about the Errol Flynn version and do intend to watch it someday 'cause it seems to be well-liked.
BBC produced a RH show in the '50's? Weird...I might have to listen to the theme song, though.
Haha, I AGREE with everything you said about the animated RH. It does get very dark for a Disney film, but that makes it more interesting for older people without creeping the younger out too much. That's my opinion, anyway. :)
Ooh, that would have been amazing! What animal would he have been, do you think? Maybe a scarlet, I don't think they did birds. What do you think? :)
Ooh, I can't wait until your review tomorrow! :)

Jennifer said...

Did you know that doing the music for the "Errol Flynn Robin Hood" saved the life of the man who did it and his family? They escaped to the United States just ahead of Hitler preventing their escape.
I really can't decide on my favourite. The Errol Flynn version is so nostalgic; the animated is nostalgic and just plain fun; BBC's is, well, classy.

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