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Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Robin Hood Week: Guest Post By Petie

A blog party celebrating Robin Hood? Count me in! I confess I haven’t yet read much of The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood, but I am one huge fan of the character of Robin Hood. I’ve seen both the 2010 film version starring Russell Crowe and the BBC three-season series… numerous times each. :) And per Eva’s request, I will be focusing on the BBC series, Robin Hood. Not like that is an unpleasant occupation or anything. Nothing like that at all. *muffled laugh*

sooooo....i'm seriously thinking of basing the outlaws on THESE outlaws.  just have to find names for them (that reminds me...i still need a name/face for the king and duke elwin).
Note from Eva: Petie's blog - all things bright and beautiful

There is so much I could say about this series, like how hilarious Much is, or how I just love all the characters, or how much Marian annoys me, or how Allan is just genius, or how I don’t even mind how cheesy it is because I love it so much, or how Robin has the greatest crinkly-eyes smile ever, or how I’m so not a Guy of Gisborne fan (But we won’t go there, will we? I’d like to make it out of this post alive.). But suffice to say I just love the whole entire series and it’s one of BBC’s best and if you haven’t seen it yet, then what in the name of all that’s BBC is wrong with you? So right now I will just focus on my ultimate favourite characters: Will Scarlett and Djaq… but mostly Will. NO JUDGING. 

(and yes, there will be spoilers. lots of them.)

Will Scarlett <3

When we first meet Will Scarlett in episode one, he never says much, which is characteristic of him throughout the whole series. In fact, the only time Will opens his mouth is when he has something of value to say, or if he’s speaking of something he’s passionate about, such as justice or feeding the poor or defeating the Sheriff. That’s reason number one why I love Will. He never wastes words, and everything he says is important. 

Will Scarlett is probably the most passionate person in this series. He doesn’t even have to say anything for us to know what he’s thinking. Sometimes you can just see the fire burning in his eyes. He believes so strongly in justice that it affects everything he does and everything he is.

Will is tender, caring, and is always serving. As one of my friends pointed out, whenever he’s not in the forefront, he’s always in the background helping other people. And another cool thing about Will is that he never craves to be in the spotlight. He’s perfectly content being in the background, quietly serving. And he’s the only member of the gang Robin entrusted Marian to when Robin thought he was going to die. I think that right there says a lot.

Will & baby <3

I guess BBC was trying to emphasize Will’s humility, so they don’t really focus on him a lot. In fact, I can think of only one episode that is concentrated mostly on Will (Season Two Episode Four). But that one episode tells you scores of things about him, the main thing being that no matter what, “Will Scarlett always does the right thing.” *insert inspiring music* And that’s what he proves over and over again throughout the series, especially when he comes back after he and Allan almost ran away with the goods at the end of Season One. I’m actually glad the filmmakers put that bit in there, because it shows that although Will isn’t perfect (and what’s more boring than a perfect hero?), but eventually he’ll always make the right decision.

My dad, he did it for me. He stood up to the sheriff to prove himself to me.

So to put it simply, I am arguably the biggest Will Scarlett fan in existence (I dare anyone to challenge that). Nope, he’s not flawless, but he is an all-around amazing guy and the best character in the Robin Hood series, IMHO. He is loyal, brave, crazy smart, and hey, he can chisel through doors and cut through hinges and make keys just like that. And his skill with that axe of his should not be underestimated. I just love the guy, okay? Him and his Nike tennis shoes (courtesy of BBC’s low costume budget). And does anyone mind me saying that on top of all that he’s just plain adorable? Good. I didn’t think you would. 

yup. he’s so adorable he can make a goofy outfit look good.

Now we bounce back to Episode Five of Season One and in comes Djaq, the feisty little Saracen girl who rocks Will’s ever-lovin’ world. *grins wickedly* (Really, just thinking about them together makes me all giggly.) Djaq is my second favourite Robin Hood character. She’s amazing at being a strong fighter, but such a soft little woman at the same time. (“Pepper! OUCH!”) It was darling to see her develop from being a tough girl who tries to hide her weaknesses to a confident woman who isn’t afraid to express her feelings. As Season Two progresses, the real Djaq begins to unfold. And oh, how she loves the other guys in the gang. I love how at some point, the series will always take a moment to highlight her relationship with each one.

she was better in season 2, in my opinion, but i still liked her in season 1.  her hair probably had something to do with it :)

But then, AS WE ALL KNOW, there is one she loves more than the others. DO I EVEN HAVE TO SAY HIS NAME. (You guys better just brace yourselves for a major case of caps lock.) Who can deny the utter adorability of their entire relationship? From their awkwardly amazing first scene together (“You spy on me!” *branch-thwack*) to the iconic “I think I love her” scene in Episode Eight Season One. After that scene, I was pretty much idiot-grinning whenever Djaq and Will were within a three-mile proximity of each other. That scene is so epic is so many ways. Am I right or am I right?


Instead of making it totally obvious and plastered on the screen for all to see, I just loved all the little hints and subtle clues BBC gave regarding Will and Djaq’s growing feelings toward each other, mostly through looks and little hand-touches. I probably wearied my family with all my squealing, “RUN IT BACK RUN IT BACK WILL HAS HIS HAND ON HER SHOULDER OH MY GOODNEEESSSSSSSS” (because, as you are probably aware, he does it more than once; cautiously at first, and then more confidently later :D ). When I really flipped out was at the end of Episode Five Season Two. “OH MY WORDYNESS SHE PUT HER HAND ON HIS CHEEK SHE LOOOVES HIM SHE LOOOVES HIM SOMEBODY JUST PINCH ME *SWOON-PLOP*” It just kept escalating more and more through the series (and believe me, the more their relationship escalated, the louder my screams were escalating)


And then… THEN. We reach Episode Twelve Season Two. Let the real screaming commence. After two whole seasons of waiting, Will and Djaq finally reveal their feelings, albeit tragically, because they believe they’re about to die. (And also hysterically, because it’s all in front of the rest of the gang, minus Allan, of course. I always wonder what he’s thinking when Will and Djaq are suddenly holding hands and openly googly-eyed over each other.) And even though Much does his best to ruin the emotion of the moment, this scene goes down in the Most Adorable and Utterly Squeal-Worthy TV Show Scenes in the History of Ever Hall of Fame. I honestly think Djaq suggested the whole Kalila (or however you spell it) night thing just so it wouldn’t seem as weird when she just up and announced, “So I’m in love with you, Will Scarlett!” But the way she says it is so much better…

Quite possibly one of the cutest scenes ever to be written <3

The best part about this scene (Ha, you didn’t think I would spend this long on one scene, did you? THINK AGAIN.) is Will’s face. He’s shocked. Utterly dumbfounded. And then so happy he can hardly contain himself. AND HIS SMILE. YOU COULD KNOCK ME OVER WITH A FEATHER.


Frustratingly, we only get one and a quarter episodes of Will and Djaq as an official couple. But at least BBC made sure that little bit was chock full of cuteness. For example, Will’s smug little “She’s with me” line. Or Djaq’s passionate, “I would never leave you, Will Scarlett.” Or how about them just walking hand in hand? Not many people can simply walk hand in hand and look so doggone adorable.

They are just...PERFECT.

But then the end of Episode 13 comes and the entire Will and Djaq fandom is ripped to pieces.


Seriously. What on earth was BBC thinking? Of course, I’m majorly glad BBC didn’t kill Will and Djaq, but if they had to make them leave the show, I wish they would have done it differently than they did. Because Will and Djaq suddenly deciding to stay in the Holy Land, right after Robin lost Marian and needed them most, was totally uncharacteristic of both of them. What about justice? What about England? What about fighting for the poor? Last I checked the Sheriff was still in control. England still needed them and their epicness! And the farewell scene was awful. You could blink and miss it. And those Middle Eastern clothes really don’t do Will any favors. URRRRGGGHHH THAT’S REALLY NOT HOW I WANTED TO SAY GOODBYE TO MY FAVOURITE CHARACTERS, BBC. Thank you for officially ruining Season Three for me.

They need to make a special episode with all the old cast, getting together and remembering Robin on say, the tenth anniversary of his death. Will and Djaq and their kids, Much and Eve and their kids, the rest of the gang still fighting injustice.....

I’m sure if I thought long enough, I could list every single solitary detail there is to say about Will and Djaq, but this post is long enough already. The point has been made. They are simply incredible characters in an incredible show. I will love them forever and a day.

Honestly, it’s difficult to figure out a graceful way to end this post (outros have never been my strong suit), so I guess I’ll just say au revoir and include my favourite picture of Will and Djaq. I’m not sure why it’s my favourite, but it always has been and probably always will be. 

Long live Will and Djaq! WE ARE ROBIN HOOD!


Sierra Bailey said...

Petie, I absolutely adored this post. You summed up the Will/Djaq feelings flawlessly. *squeals and swoons with you* And when they leave the show *sobs* what was BBC thinking? "Does he understand flight, this pale one?" Completely crushed my heart and just why did they have to leave? *cries bitterly*

Caroline L. said...

Just reading this got me all worked up. These two...just...aaaaugh! SO CUTE! YES! I would rewatch the little touches over and over, too. PRECIOOOOOOUUUUSS! I screamed (out loud) when they finally (FINALLY) got together. Absolutely wonderful, and the two most perfect actors ever to play them. *siiiiiiiigh*

Miss Jane Bennet said...

Petie, this was a GORGEOUS post!! (I just finished writing and sending off my email to you this morning, and I almost asked you if you were doing a guest post for RH Week. Then I forgot to ask- thank goodness- and I looked at my dashboard and there was your guest post. ;) *facepalm*) WILL AND DJAQ FOREVAH. The little moments they keep subtly sneaking in...wonderful post, m'dear! You said it perfectly! :)

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