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Sunday, November 03, 2013

Robin Hood Week: Will Stutely & Carter

Today I'll be talking about two heroes who don't get nearly enough attention in the Robin Hood fandom - Will Stutely and Carter.  Now, as far as I know, Will isn't in any film adaption (at least not any I've watched - there's plenty of others though, so feel free to correct me if I'm wrong), but he's a major character in two of the book versions I've read.  Carter is exclusive to the BBC show, but I think most of the people participating in this week have seen at least some of it, so I feel justified in including him.  Plus, it is my blog and I want to. 

In Howard Pyle's adaption of the classic story, Will Stutely doesn't really come across as being all that great of a character.  He's rough with Allan a Dale (although, really, Allan was being a wimp and he needed someone to snap him out of it - still, Will was extremely rude) and I never actually really got to know him that well.  I never got to know any of the characters well, for that matter, but that's beside the point.

But then I read Paul Creswick's adaption and I started to realize just how amazing Will was - he and Will Scarlet are sort of tied for 'best Will' =)  Will is Robin's closest friend; he knew him from before Robin was an outlaw and he sticks by him loyally, no matter what.  He and Little John are almost enemies for the longest time (I forget what started the whole feud, but it's there all the same), but after Little John rescues him from hanging, they become fast friends.

Oh.  Yes.  The hanging.  That was Will's finest moment, in my opinion.  The sheriff captured Will, tortured him, and then sentenced him to be hanged.  Robin and his men have a plan to rescue him (and Will expects that, because Robin Hood wouldn't be Robin Hood if he didn't rescue his men in time of need), but they stay so well hidden in the crowd that Will gives up hope.  And I'm just going to give you a snippet so you can fully appreciate it all...

Stutely, seeing that no help appeared at hand, asked, in a weak voice, that he might have words with the Sheriff.
Monceux went up to him and bade him speak out.
Stutely said, in a sad tone: "Sheriff, seeing that I must die to-day, grant me this one boon, that I may not be hanged upon a gallows-tree, but rather that I die with my sword in my hand, fighting you and all your men to the last."
The Sheriff laughed coarsely: "Not so, my man; you shall die instead a shameful death, and after you your master, Robin Hood, that false butcher, so soon as I have him fast."
"That you will never do," answered Stutely, with prophecy, in his weak voice. "But unbind my hands, Sheriff, for your soul's sake, and let me meet my end valiantly."
"To the gallows with him!"

Of course Robin saves him, but I'm kind of glad that he hung back a little at first, because that little scene that I quoted above really illustrates Will's character perfectly.  I wish he had been included in at least one film adaption of the book, and that this scene had been included.  That would've been perfect.

Joseph Kennedy as Carter in BBC Robin Hood- he was one of my favorites! Why do all the cute guys on BBC die? It's like they just sit there in their office "Hey he is attractive so let's kill him" jealous much? Haha
"He's not crying.  He's laughing on the wrong side of his face." ~ Carter

Soooooo...I was searching for an excuse to have a post during this week featuring Carter, because he's kind of my favorite character in Season 2 of BBC's Robin Hood, so I really wanted to gush about all the things that make him so epic and amazing.  But he's not canon, and not everyone has watched the show and there'll be spoilers in this bit, so I wasn't sure.  But I figured that putting him in a post with Will would be the best way, so that's what I did.

The first time you meet Carter, he's swinging knives in the Great Hall of Nottingham Castle and assuring the sheriff that it'll be a pleasure to kill Robin Hood.  Right away, I didn't like him, because, hey, this guy's been sent to kill Robin (which I knew wasn't going to happen, but the whole intent thing, you know).  Oh, and did anyone else find it incredibly dumb how Marian notices the blood on Carter's hand, says "He's hurt", to which Carter says "It's nothing" and promptly falls to the ground.  My siblings and I were laughing over that one.

Now, where was I?  Oh, yes - being sent to kill Robin.  Anyway, he ties all of the gang up, and through a series of events, ends up dueling with Robin in the barn that seems to be the setting for every other dramatic scene in Season 2 (Kalilah night, anyone?).  And that's when the truth about his brother comes out and the quote that I put at the beginning of this section (one of my absolute favorite quotes from the show, by the way).  Then he turns into a good guy and everything works out.  Side note: I think it would've been great if Carter had come back with the secret message from the king, instead of Legrand.  But it worked out anyway 'cause I quite liked Legrand (still not the same as Carter, though).

I had no idea that Carter would 'come back' in episode 13, but my sister and I were squealing when we saw him (she's a big fan too, although she prefers Archer).  I love how he and Robin were such good friends - as opposed to the other episode - and how you could see that he was torn between serving the king and standing up for his friends, and how he rescued them (using his trademark line, naturally).  I felt really, really cheated by his death scene.  Besides the obvious fact that he actually did die (he really shouldn't have - he would've been an amazing replacement for Will), he's not given a death scene.  The sheriff just stabs him, sneers at him, and that's the last trace of Carter (besides the funeral which was depressing).  Even characters who just appear in one episode get a good death scene (Legrand, Meg...), so he should've gotten one (not that I'm being morbid or anything, but it was almost like his death didn't have any meaning).


Will Stutely and Carter.  My two favorite minor characters in Robin Hood.  Brave, strong, and heroic.

Do you like Will Stutely and/or Carter?  Who are your favorite minor characters?


Una Mariah said...

You know, I probably ought to start watching BBC Robin Hood again. We stopped because a. Marian's eye makeup was so heavy it was ridiculous. b. Robin Hood was a bit too sleazy for our tastes. XD

Miss Jane Bennet said...

Sooo...I've only read a little of the Paul Creswick book, but I like what I've seen of Will Stutely in that one. AND THAT SNIPPET. I'm crying right now. Amazing. (Although for some strange reason, I don't like Will Stutely's name. I'm not sure why.) And HP's Stutely is just...all tough guy and no feeling.
Ooh, Carter! I've been rahther curious about him for awhile- it was good to find out a little more about him, at least! =)

Anne-girl said...

I love Will Stutely. I've only read the Howard Pyle but he was always my favorite character next to little John in it. I liked his humor and his bravery.

Vellvin said...

Yep, love that line of Carter's! :D

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