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Friday, November 08, 2013

Soundtrack Spotlight {BBC Robin Hood}

I've just noticed that Much's shield is often used as symbol/logo for the series.

The last day of Robin Hood Week.  *sigh*  I leave all my ramblings about how fun it's been and who the winners of the giveaway were for later, because I'm going to be focusing on reviewing the BBC Robin Hood soundtrack right now.  Oh, but first let me explain about 'Soundtrack Spotlight'.  When I did '30 Songs', I regretted leaving out all the gorgeous instrumental soundtracks that I love, so I created a new blog series.  This is the first one (obviously), but I have several others planned.  I'll be talking about why I love the soundtrack and my favorite tracks.  Let us begin...

I was thrilled when I learned that there was a soundtrack for this series, and not just any soundtrack.  A 34-track, one hour soundtrack whose music brought forth evocative images of some of my favorite scenes in BBC's Robin Hood.  That's one of the biggest things I love about this soundtrack.  It's so vivid.  Some movie soundtracks are sort of in the background, and not all that interesting, but this one always brings emotion out of me (at some tracks), which is why I love it so much.  Most of the tracks come from the first few episodes of the series, which is understandable, but which are repeated throughout the whole thing.  Often two tracks are segued together, or a slight variation is made to some of the music (I'm always sensitive to the music in movies, so I notice things like that), but most of it stays the same.

My favorite tracks are 'Locksley' (it always give me such a warm feeling inside, at least the first bit), 'Marian's Theme' (absolutely gorgeous), 'From The Rich To The Poor' (this track is melancholy and always makes me think of Little John, since it's the tune to the song that Alice sings to their son), 'Shooting Pies' (the first half of this track is serious and not all that great, but about halfway through there's this magical change to it which I love), 'Robin and Marian' (LOVE), 'Where Is She?' (the sense of urgency in this track is amazing), 'A Love That Cannot Be' (love it, as it makes me think of Much and Eve...I ship them so hard), 'The Nightwatchman' (probably in my top three favorite tracks; it's amazing, and you should really go watch this video - I always get chills), and 'Robin Hood End Credits' (always makes me sad, in a bittersweet way, for some reason).

Have you listened to the BBC Robin Hood soundtrack?  What are your favorite tracks from it?

1 comment:

Miss Jane Bennet said...

Soundtrack Spotlight? Sounds very interesting! I'll look forward to the rest of your posts on it. :)
I haven't listened to the soundtrack, but I *have* watched the episodes (some, anyway), and the music just thrills me. Or makes me sob. ;)
Do you happen to know who composed the RH soundtrack? Just curious. :)

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