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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Soundtrack Spotlight {Titanic}

Titanic 1997

A friend of mine once described Titanic as the movie with the 'dumb plot and gorgeous music' and I believe she's right.  The movie's reputation has proceeded itself (as in, I won't be watching it) but the music is beyond gorgeous and it totally deserved the academy award that it won.  The soundtrack is one of the most listened to albums on my iPod, although I usually only listen to the first few tracks, as they're the best (I don't have the theme song on my iPod, as it's not the style of music I normally listen to, but the lyrics are beautiful.  I found an Enjolras/Eponine fan-video set to the's heartwrenchingly amazing).  I never knew the human voice could be such a beautiful instrument until I listened to this soundtrack.

My favorite tracks are 'Distant Memories' (the different instruments and musical textures in this piece make for amazing listening), 'Southampton' (words cannot express how much I love this piece.  It's the most gorgeous instrumental song I've ever heard - I can't listen to it enough.  It's the kind of music that makes you cry, just because it's so beautiful), 'Rose' (the film's theme tune, and deservedly so.  It's beautiful, romantic, gentle...I love it.  You should also check out this piano version - I think it's almost better than the original track), 'Leaving Port' (I mainly like this because it's partly a gentler reprise of 'Southampton', but the rest of it is beautiful in its own right), 'A Life So Changed' (basically the same as 'Never An Absolution', but I prefer it to the other one, for some reason), and 'Hymn To The Sea' (LOVE it).

Also, check out the 'Back To Titanic - Soundtrack Suite' which is a mixture of tracks from the movie, but with new orchestration.  It's a favorite of mine to listen to while I write.

Have you ever listened to this soundtrack?  What's your favorite track?


Miss Jane Bennet said...

Ooh, Soundtrack Spotlight! Like I said before, I'm very eager for this one because I have a shortage of good soundtracks to listen to lately. I was rather reluctant to look into Titanic's soundtrack, but I like it a lot. Most of it seems to be beautiful. (Too bad it had to be in a movie I can't and don't want to watch. *sigh*)
Oh, and btw, I do intend to answer your email today; sorry for the wait! :)

Beth Claire said...

I love the soundtrack of Titanic!
...But I also love the film!
Beth xxx

Anonymous said...

Somewhere in Time (by far).

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