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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Breaking Shadows: BOLD {Release Party Tour}

“Rains will flood the earth,
Fires burn the hearth,
Blood be spilled like wine,
I’ll lose what once was mine,
But flowers still will grow,
Light burst through shadow,
So child rest tonight,
My child, sleep tonight.”

Raven falls is a dark place, a harsh place filled with destruction. But from the shadows, a revolution is rising. In a torn country lead by a corrupted, militaristic government, fear pervades every nook, every crack. It fills every broken heart, and chases the hopes and dreams from the people. In the midst of it all, Jesse and her brother have taken a stand. 
Just two kids, they'll have to rebuild their parents' army if they ever hope to justify their deaths. A battle is coming, whether they're ready or not.
Their only hope is to be BOLD.

Bold was released two days ago and this review is part of the blog tour celebrating its release.  I read Bold a few months ago after I volunteered to beta-read it (I really do read all the best books that way) and when I started it, I rolled my eyes inwardly as I thought it would be another cliched Hunger Games-first person-present tense-dystopian knock-off.  I couldn't have been more wrong.  It wasn't cliched, or anything like THG, even though it was dystopian first person, present tense.  It's one of the only dystopian books I've read, but if Bold is anything to go by, the rest of the genre must be superb.  If I remember correctly, there are three more books coming in the series which I can't wait to read.

One of the things I love most about Bold, is the richness and color of writing.  The pacing never lags, and there are no plot holes, despite it being narrated in first person (not to mention present tense) which is really hard to keep up over an entire story.  Believe me, I know.  Torn Hopes had two first person narrators and I still found it hard to get everything in.  It's the kind of book that I can sink into, be totally caught up in the world of, and emerge from it several hours later, dazed.  I love books like that.  The emotional impact of the whole thing is not to be ignored either.  I teared up a few times while reading it, but the part that hit me hardest was the very end.  It was terribly tragic and unexpected.

Jesse/Jessica was a worthy heroine (and narrator of the book).  I could feel her pain and heartache and the little girl deep down inside.  She made me laugh and cry and feel inspired with the way she fought for what she believed in, even when the going got tough.  Her brother, Ben was a huge favorite of mine.  Hannah Stewart did an amazing job portraying the brother/sister relationship between him and Jesse.  And in his own right, and not just in his relationship with Jesse, he was a strong, vivid character (with way more depth to him than at first glance).  My two favorite team members were Mason ( favorite characters *SPOILERS* always die) and Jimmy (he was adorable, in a way).  Award for the most complex character goes to Jude.  Even after two re-reads, I don't totally 'get' his transformation at the end, but it's freaky.  His and Jesse's romance was one of the sweetest things I've ever read.  And, even though he...did Unpleasant Things in the end, he's still a favorite character.  And I think we'll be getting a book in the series from his POV.  Yay!

In summary, Bold is an amazing read for anyone interested in a good, solid, interesting read.  I highly recommend it.  


[check out the other stops on the blog tour, as well as information about the tour contest below]

You and Your BOLD self Contest
One special winner will receive a signed copy of Breaking Shadows: Bold for free. First read the following scene (which by the way is hilarious) from Chapter 2 of Bold, and come up with your own artistic interpretation. Drawings, videos, audio recordings, written responses...any for of art will qualify you! Entries need to be sent to by midnight, December 29th. Just like the giveaway there is no limit to number of entries per person, so working on those creative pieces!
The top ten entries will be posted at the Breaking Shadows site on December 10th for voting. The entry with the most votes will be announced on January 6th. 


Miss Jane Bennet said...

Ah, so here it is. I don't know if I'll be able to get it anytime soon, but I fully intend to read it. By the way, though, what's the "following scene"? Do I need to own the book and read the scene from Chapter 2, or do they offer it somewhere? :)

Hannah Stewart said...

You can find the scene for the contest here.

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