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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Cinderella: 2013

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I watched the movie-musical of Cinderella when I was pretty young (the Lesley Ann Warren version) and I didn't like it that much.  It was actually sort of weird, if I remember correctly, because even though it was a movie, they made everything look like a theatre set.  I didn't really like musicals back then, and I wasn't even in my teens so it hardly made any impression on me.  Then, when I started getting into musicals, I decided to see if I could find that movie on Youtube.  It wasn't there, but there was a movie-musical done in the 90's.  I started watching it, but it was weirdly multi-racial (for instance, the king was white, the queen was white [or the other way around] and the prince is Asian.  How does that work?) and there was too much talking and not enough singing, so I forgot it.

so CUTE.Then, less than a month ago, I came across the Original Broadway Cast Recording for Cinderella (which was actually done in 2013).  I was vaguely interested, so I borrowed it, took it home, and listened to it...and I was hooked.  For one thing, there was no talking since it was a soundtrack, so I was able to listen to all the songs right after another.  I've probably listened to about ten times since now and each time I love it better.  Two new goals of mine are to see the show live, and to play Cinderella at some time (her role is actually the easiest I've ever wanted to play, vocal wise, at least).  I really like how the prince was more three dimensional, especially with 'Me, Who Am I?' (I also liked how one of the step-sisters turned good).  My favorite songs are 'Me, Who Am I?', 'The Prince Is Giving A Ball' (Jean Michel's one and only appearance in the soundtrack) 'Ten Minutes Ago', 'Stepsister's Lament' (such a upbeat melody - I love how it's reprised in both the Overture and the exit march), 'A Lovely Night (and reprise)', and 'Loneliness Of Evening'.

Annnnnd...I can't really think of anything else to say, other than that the cast is amazing, and you should really listen to the whole thing as soon as possible.



Heidi P. (Lady of Anorien) said...

I like the Julie Andrews version of this quite a bit. :-) I haven't seen either of the in-between versions-with either Lesley Warren or Brandi. (The Brandi film sounds like it must have been what you saw on YouTube.) My sisters have watched some snippets of the new Broadway production on YouTube (and told me quite a bit about it) and we've listened to the soundtrack quite a few times (read A LOT of times :-)). It definitely has energy! I like the three-dimensional touch, too. I think it can make it seem less like an overarching fairy-tale, but it's still fun. :-) "Me, Who Am I?" and
"The Prince is Giving a Ball" are two of my favorites, too. I also really like the other new song they added for the prince where he's longing for her (Cinderella's) return. I can't remember the title at the moment (isn't that terrible?), but it's just gorgeous... :-)

Heidi P. (Lady of Anorien) said...

I think the title I couldn't think of was 'Loneliness of Evening'...and looking back I see you like it, too. Such fun. ;-)

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