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Monday, December 02, 2013

Happy Birthday To Miss Jane Bennet!

Every. single. email.

Today is the birthday of a very special friend of mine - Miss Jane Bennet (obviously not her real name, but since she doesn't want the whole world to know her real name, I'll just be calling her Jane for this post).  Jane and I met about four months ago (August 8th) when I offered to re-design her blog for her.  She had commented on my blog a number of times before that, but I had never really checked out her blog until one day she shared a link with me about a post she'd written defending Enjolras.  I'm always up for posts about Enjo *wink, wink* so I clicked on the link and read the post.  I knew right away that she was some kind of special.  Her post was incredibly well written, and I've actually re-read it quite a few times since.  I gave her blog a follow, sent the post off to friends so they could enjoy it too (most of them followed her as well), and it was about that time that she asked for help with her blog design.

inspirational quotes

After I got her blog looking tip-top (in both our opinions), we gradually started emailing each other.  It started out with sharing our likes/dislikes and our email correspondence quickly grew to (literally) hundreds of emails, most of them very, very long although we do have one thread where we share weird/funny/interesting little thing we find online all the time.  I've always thought it strange (in an awesome way) that we find so much to say to each other because there's literally nothing we disagree on.  When we first started emailing, we were like THIS WAS MEANT TO BE WE LIKE THE SAME KIND OF ICE CREAM and that's really the way it is.  We have the same favorite classical composer (Vivaldi - we both love all the violins in his pieces), flavour of ice cream (chocolate mint), favorite Christian heroes of history (Willimam Wilberforce, Eric Liddell, Jim Elliot...and we also talk a lot about Raoul Wallenberg) and, of course, our opinion match up perfectly when it comes to books and movies.

mint ice cream. yum
Oh, I know it's not a meaningful quote, or even a very meaningful picture, but Jane keeps giving me virtual mint chocolate for finishing NaNo and to cheer me up sometimes, so I figured I'd return the favour.
Everyone loves introducing friends to different obsessions and watching them go crazy over it as well, and Jane and I do this all the time.  "Hey, have you watched/read/listened to _________?  It's really, really good" is a common refrain in our emails.  I've gotten her 'into' Les Miserables (through Barricade Boys Week), A Tale Of Two Cities (the musical), Jack Cavanaugh's books, BBC Robin Hood, and different movie soundtracks (or single tracks) that I love.  She, in turn, has introduced me to Johnny Tremain (the book and the character), for which I am forever grateful.  It's one of my favorite books now.  Oh, and I also helped her decide to do NaNo (at least I think it was my plunge in that helped her make up her mind).

Fangirl defined; I am offically a Fangirl.   Lord Of the Rings.  The Hobbit.  Richard Armitage.  Captain America.  Charles Dickens.  Elizabeth Gaskell.  BBC Robin Hood.  The Chronicles Of Narnia (The books and the first movie, but not the second or third Narnia movie :P)  Sir Guy Of Gisborne.  Much from Robin Hood.  Alan A Dale from Robin Hood.

This seems to have turned into an Eva/Jane friendship post, instead of a birthday post, so let me tell you a few of the things I love about this girl...for one, she's a sweet Christian girl.  Even though it doesn't make up a huge part of our emails, we often talk about favorite Bible verses, how God has used people in history, favorite Bible characters, and other things like that.  Having her friendship is encouraging and refreshing on many levels.  Also, she's funny.  I grin/laugh my way through her emails, as she always seems to have a humourous spin on anything that deserves it.  We have several inside jokes (much of them are about Much...PUN TIME) and she can always make me laugh.  And the way she fangirls is really the best (y'know what I'm talking about - lots of capitals and exclamations points).  I don't know many people that can go crazy over a new fact about Jim Elliot, or an amazing new concerto put up on Youtube, but that's what she does.  I do it too.

sweet quote about friendship

Anyway, Jane (is it weird to see yourself being called Jane?), all I really wanted to say with this post is THANK YOU FOR BEING MY AMAZING FRIEND and I'll be answering your super-long email soon (actually, as I'm scheduling this post, I'll probably have answered it by the time you read this...whatever).


1 comment:

Miss Jane Bennet said...

This really made my day; you are *such* an amazing friend. :)
And now I honestly don't know what to say (*waits expectantly* ;)), so I shall end this comment, but again, thannnnkkk youuuuu! This means a LOT to me. :)

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