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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Little Things {76-100}

 Reasons to love being alive
~new songs
~my characters
~being able to talk about anything with certain people
~my writing journal
~afternoon sunlight
~the beauty of prayer
~reading books out loud
~crying over a good book
~having that one amazing song playing in my head over and over again
~johnny tremain
~private fandoms
~hot pink
~soft grey
~my pinterest boards
~other people's fandoms
~lemony sugar cookies
~belting out favorite showtunes
~recommendations from friends
~my family
~blimey cow
~golden retrievers
~books I've beta-read


Jennifer said...

I always love reading your lists - they make my heart smile.

Anne-girl said...

Lovely list. You made my day! Love you!

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