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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

30 Songs {#30}

Silly Youtube won't let me embed the video of the song, so here it is.
Yay!  I'm so happy to be doing 30 Songs again, especially as I have some amazing new songs in my repertoire that I can't wait to tell you all about.  Most of them are from Cinderella and Jane Eyre, and to kick off the festivities, I have one from Jane Eyre (I think I have over seventy-five percent of both musicals on my list, truth be told).  I discovered this gorgeous musical just a few weeks ago.  I'd heard quite a bit about it from Amy and Melody (mostly through their dream cast), but I didn't really decide to listen to it until one afternoon when I had some free time.  After all, what did I have to lose?  (and James Barbour is Mr Rochester so, yeah).  I was completely blown away by the entire thing and quickly downloaded the soundtrack through a program my library has.  I'm on a fair way to memorizing all my favorite songs (through dint of listening to them about a million times), and the one I'm focusing on today - 'Painting Her Portrait' - is one of my top favorites.

One thing I like about it is how accurate it is to the book (in fact, the whole musical is).  I'm a huge fan of the book, so it's always nice when an adaption ties in nicely with it.  Basically, in this song, Jane paints a self-portrait, and then a portrait of Blanche Ingram, to 'convince' herself that Mr Rochester would never chose her, because she's just a lowly governess (especially next to the 'perfect Miss Ingram').  The emotion in this song is beautifully done (really, how could it not be?) and it always makes everything so much better when the acting's good.  My favorite part is near the beginning when she's laughing at herself for daring to think Mr Rochester might care for her (I don't know why, it just is).

What a fool I have been to wonder
If he might have a care for me
How insane the thought that you
Could be to him dear in any way
That a more absurd young girl has lived
I doubt that you could say!

You, a favorite of Mr. Rochester?
Gifted with the power?
Your logic's fading by the hour
And to no avail, Jane!
Poor, blind puppy!
Had to go on dreaming
Had to try to give your life some meaning
Still you fail, Jane!

I've listened to two cast recordings (I believe there is only two) - the Original Broadway Cast, and the Toronto Recording and in both of them, Jane has been played (sung?) by Marla Schaffel and she does an equally good job in both.  I honestly couldn't imagine anyone else's voice for the part.

Have you ever heard of Jane Eyre: The Musical?

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Lydia said...

the gypsy song is my favorite! its so hysterical!

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