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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Attention, Please

Music Quote

I am extremely excited to announce the return of the 30 Songs post series.

Yep.  There's go to be a whole new series of posts all about some (and just some) of my favorite songs.

I still have to work out the details pertaining to the order in which they will all go, but I have all the songs listed out already ('twasn't hard, to tell the truth).  You should be seeing the first post of the new series go up sometime next week, but I'm not exactly promising, since between sickness and planning for a Certain Special Bloggy Occasion in the nearish future, I've not had much free time (although I did waste quite a bit on Pinterest today...ahem).

Oh, and I watched The Scarlet Pimpernel (1982) yesterday (EPICNESS), so I'll probably have a review written soon.  At least when I can get my thoughts in gear and not write the whole post in all-caps.


1 comment:

Miss Jane Bennet said...

Another 30 Song series? Awesome! I look forward to it! (I'm already guessing at some of the songs...I'm almost certain about three. Haha. ;))

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