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Friday, January 03, 2014

Soundtrack Spotlight {Pride & Prejudice 2005}

Meryton Assembly ball, Pride and Prejudice 2005

The soundtrack for P&P 2005 is arguably the most beautiful period drama soundtrack ever.  I know the film gets a lot of hate, but one thing everyone agrees on is the gloriousness of the music.  It's stunning, haunting, and gorgeous.  One of the nice things about the soundtrack is that almost every track is primarily piano (or has at least some piano in it) so the piano-book actually sounds a lot like the original thing.  The soundtrack is relatively short - only forty minutes - and I wish it could've been longer.  However, the beauty of the pieces that are there makes up for it.

My favorite tracks are 'Dawn' (one of the most beautiful), 'Georgiana' (so pretty!), 'Liz On Top Of The World' (lovely sweeping feel to this - it gives me chills every time), 'Arrival At Netherfield' (I like the piano bit at the end), 'A Postcard To Henry Purcell' (Darcy and Lizzy's dance, in case the name in unfamiliar - haunting and melancholy), 'The Secret Life Of Daydreams' (my very favorite track), and 'Mrs Darcy' (does this even need explaining?).  What's your favorite track?



Rose P said...

I completely agree - it's such a beautiful soundtrack, and I also love the fact that it is mostly piano. My favourite? that's a hard one....Probably "A postcard from Henry Purcell" and "Liz on top of the world"

Caroline L. said...

The music of this film is GORGEOUS. My favorite thing about the movie. Ummm... my favorite track might be the End Credits (because it's basically a medley of everything. Teehee.) And if that is cheating, then I will say "Darcy's Letter."

Kiri Liz said...

I love this soundtrack!! Probably one of the best from any period drama movie! Yeah, I know I'm on thin ice saying that, but there it is.

My family gave me the piano music for Christmas one year, and I've loved playing every last song in the book! Beautiful!! In fact, I just played "Dawn" for a wedding... at the groom's request! :D

"Dawn" is definitely a favorite, and I also love "Meryton Townhall" among... well, basically the whole soundtrack.

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