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Monday, February 10, 2014

30 Songs {#27}

CINDERELLA - A lovely night, a lovely night #Broadway #Theater #Musicals
Link to 'When You're Driving Through The Moonlight'
Link to 'A Lovely Night' (and reprise)

The reason I'm putting these two songs together is because they are like one song on the soundtrack, and they really go well together (plus, it's a sneaky way to fit more songs into this series).  I'm going to be referring to them as one song, just so you know - it's easier that way.  When I first listened to the OBC for Cinderella, this song was one of my top favorites.  I still love it, even though I've listened to it over twenty times, or so (that's one thing about showtunes, I guess.  You can listen to them for hours on end and not get tired of them).  It starts with Ella singing about what it would be like to drive to the palace and meet the prince.  After she does that, the stepsisters and her pretty much start fangirling over the prince, which I find pretty funny.  I guess girls everywhere are basically the same, right?

He is tall,
And straight as a lance.
And his hair,
Is dark and wavy.
His eyes,
Can melt you with a glance.
He can turn a girl to gravy!

Then, they all start singing about how it would feel to fall in love with the Prince and Charlotte plays the pianoforte (honestly, I can't listen to that bit without grinning) and it's such a fun/tender moment between Ella and her step-family (it all ends pretty soon after that, but still....).  And then the reprise of 'A Lovely Night' is really sweet.  Gabrielle (the nicer stepsister) realizes that Ella was the mysterious girl at the ball, and also reveals that she's in love with the local revolutionary Jean Michel (who, contrary to what I first thought, is nothing like Enjolras.  If I ever get around to writing a proper review of Cinderella, I'll explain more fully).  Then she and Ella pledge to keep each other's secrets and then sing the reprise.

The stars in a hazy heaven,
Trembling above me,
Danced when he promised,
Always to love me.
The day came through.
Away I flew.
But on my lips he left a kiss.
All my life I’ll dream of this,
Lovely night.
Next song: 'When I Look At You (reprise)' from The Scarlet Pimpernel.


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