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Monday, February 24, 2014

A Tale Of Two Cities Week: Character Tournament {Round 2}


In most of the polls for round 1, the voting was very close, so I had to chose a couple of the winners randomly.  Here are the pairs for round 2.  This should get very interesting...
  • Charles Darnay/Sydney Carton
  • M. Defarge/Mr Lorry
  • Jerry Cruncher/The Seamstress
Have fun voting!


1 comment:

Miss Jane Bennet said...

OKAY HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO CHOOSE HERE. I did the Seamstress and Mr. Lorry (he's something of a favorite with me, he's so sweet), but Charles Darnay vs. Sydney Carton?? I LOVE THEM BOTH!! This is *so* not fair. I think I'm going to choose Charles, just because Sydney Carton is probably going to win and I want to comfort the Poor Neglected Gentleman. :P

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