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Sunday, February 16, 2014

"Ring out the bells upon this day of days!"

'A Heart Full Of Love' (made by me) - they are just WAY too cute together! <3

Ring out the bells upon this day of days!
May all the angels of the Lord above,
In jubilation sing their songs of praise.
And crown this blessed time with peace and love!

According to my calculations, today (February 16th, 2014) is Marius and Cosette's 181st wedding anniversary.  So, I thought that today, more than any other day, would be the right time to celebrate one of my favorite literary couples.  I'm writing this rather hurriedly, so this post will have more song lyrics and pictures than anything else, but I will elaborate :)  A lot of people don't really care for Marius and Cosette as a couple, mainly because 'they're too boring and shallow' and they get to live when everyone else dies (although, really, should we be rejoicing that Victor Hugo left anyone alive?).  I think that's mainly the musical's fault, since neither of their characters were explored to any degree of the depth that they could've been.  The movie does better, but only by a little.  In the book they at least know of each other for several months and when they finally meet, they talk for hours and hours (and then keep talking for every successive meeting).  In both mediums - the book and the musical - they're a really cute couple, though, and this post was written to celebrate that.

In my life : Cosette & Marius Pontmercy - Les Miserables

In my life,
There are times when I catch in the silence,
The sigh of a faraway song.
And it sings,
Of a world that I long to see.
Out of reach.
Just a whisper away,
Waiting for me.
Does he know I'm alive?
Do I know if he's real?
Did he see what I saw?
Does he feel what I feel?
In my life,
I'm no longer alone now the love of my life,
Is so near.
Find me now,
Find me here.
In my life,
She has burst like the music of angels,
The light of the sun.
And my life,
Seems to stop as if something is over,
And something has scarcely begun...
In my life,
There is someone who touches my life.
Waiting near.

I will not be including the 'I did not see you there, forgive me' part ;)

Cosette & Marius - A Heart Full Of Love (created by me)

Cosette, I don't know what to say.
Then make no sound.
I am lost.
I am found!
A heart full of light,
A night bright as day,
And you must never go away,
Cosette, Cosette!
This is a chain we'll never break
Do I dream?
I'm awake!

I don't care what people say.  I love this song.

"Don't think about it, Marius, with all the years ahead of us!  I will never go away and we will be together every day."

Every day,
You walk with stronger step.
You walk with longer step,
The worst is over.
Every day,
I wonder every day,
Who was it brought me here,
From the barricade?
Don't think about it, Marius,
With all the years ahead of us.
I will never go away,
And we will be together,
Every day.
Every day,
We'll remember that night.
And the vow that we made:
A heart full of love,
A night full of you,
The words are old,
But always true...

Am I the only who thinks 'Every Day' is one of the cutest little song ever?

oh my i ship them hard - cosette & marius
Is it just me, or does Cosette bear a passing resemblance to Ada Clare in this photo?
Where is he gone,
Without a word?
That wouldn't be his way to go.
Why so sudden?
Why so strange?
And did he say when he'd return?
All he asked for me to say,
Is he's on a journey,
Far away.
He can't leave us now.
How he breaks my heart.
And we will never be apart.
I promise.

I thought this moment was so sweet in the film, because Cosette was comforting Marius in 'Every Day' and now he's doing the same for her in the reprise of 'Suddenly'.  It was bittersweet, really.

Oh Eddie! Les Mis (2012) | His performance in Les Miserables on the heals of several other starring roles in recent years (Marilyn, Elizabeth) ensures Eddie Redmayne (Marius) is among the top actors of his generation.  In this scene with Amanda Seyfried (Cosette) he transform Marius the boy into Marius the man. "This day's blessings are not over yet!"  --Marius

Papa, Papa, I do not understand!
Are you all right?
We did you go away?
It's you who must forgive a thoughtless fool.
It's you who must forgive a thankless man.
It's thanks to you that I am living,
And again I lay down my life at your feet.
Cosette, your father is a saint.
When they wounded me,
He took me from the barricade.
Carried like a babe,
And brought me home,
To you.

One of the saddest parts in the entire film, in my opinion, was when Valjean died and Cosette totally lost it and Marius was holding her and comforting her.  It was incredibly beautiful and heartbreaking all at the same time.  Also, here's a big list of different versions of Cosette/Marius songs.  Have fun listening/watching and drop a note to share your thoughts on Marius and Cosette, whether it be good or bad.

In My Life (10th, 25th, movie)
A Heart Full Of Love (10th, 25th, movie)
Every Day (10th, 25th, movie)
Suddenly reprise (only in the movie)
Wedding (10th, 25th, movie)



Rose P said...

Lovely post.
I really like Marius & Cosette as a couple.
At first I admit I felt it was all rushed - but that was completely due to the movie. When I read the book I really loved their growing relationship, and I am convinced they belong together, whatever E/M shippers say.

Miss Jane Bennet said...

Awwww, happy 181st anniversary, Marius and Cosette! <3 Lovely post, m'dear Elsaba! Summed it up pretty perfectly. =)

Lady Éowyn said...

I have never seen any version of the musical, but I have read the book and see what you mean by rejoicing that anyone was left alive.:)

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