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Monday, March 24, 2014

30 Songs {#20}

A Tale of Two Cities
Link to song - 'Without A Word'

Almost every song in A Tale Of Two Cities is perfect in terms of staying true to the spirit of the book, but Without A Word, though beautiful, doesn't exactly fit the book.  In my opinion, Lucie is a bit too accusatory (to Charles) in this song than book Lucie would have been (although I've discussed before that musical Lucie is more spirited than book Lucie...).  Still, it is a gorgeous song.  It's in the original concept recording and was replaced in the concert by Never Say Goodbye which has a similar message, but toned down (and I'm not sure which I prefer).  However, Without A Word was sung at the very end of the concert as a sort of bonus feature, which was neat to watch.  Some of my favorite lyrics...

I'd follow you.
I'd be selfish too.
I'd gladly join you in the grave.
But I must stay and play my part,
Of wife and mother's broken heart.
For I was once,
Where she could be,
Abandoned young without a home or family.
And though my soul,
Will die with you,
Our child will not be left alone,
To spend a lifetime wondering how,
How we could do this to our own.

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